What Will the Future Bring to the Online Casino Industry?

Ever since they first appeared in the 1990s, online casinos have not stopped developing and improving. Today, the online gaming experience is more similar to going to a real casino than ever. But can that experience be even better, considering the advancements in technology the humankind is witnessing?

In this article, we want to talk about the future of the online casino industry and what we can expect from it. Will it change for the better or for the worse? How will these changes affect the average player?

Below are our 6 expectations and predictions.

1. Growing Focus on Mobile Gaming

Regardless of where in the world you live and how well off you are, you probably have a smartphone in your pocket. Nowadays, there are more people who use smartphones on a daily basis than those who use laptop and desktop computers.

That is why Mega Casino UK online gambling site, like many other online casinos, shifted its focus to mobile gaming. In the future, this trend is only going to grow as smartphones keep becoming even more integral parts of our lives. 

This means apps are going to have added functionalities and players can expect more mobile-based bonuses.

2. More Skill-Based Elements

As you know, casino games differ when it comes to how much skill they require from players. Some are based purely on luck, whereas others, such as certain table games, require knowledge and skill. It does not surprise us that players love skill-based games since they give them more control.

In the future, we are definitely going to see more games that require players to approach them strategically and practice a lot before being able to win. Therefore, casino games of the future might look more like video games of today.

3. Augmented & Virtual Reality Experience with Mega Moolah Slots

One big change that is already happening but will definitely pick up the pace in the near future is the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality in the online casino industry. Players always want to have a more realistic experience when visiting an online casino and there isn’t a better way to achieve that but by playing with AR and VR. 

Games like Mega Moolah Slot Machine on ICE36 are fun today, but they might become boring to players who are used to a different format. That’s why experts believe that even slots will be played on AR and VR platforms in several years.

4. Crypto-Based Payments

If you cherish your privacy, want to save time, as well as some money on fees, you might already be playing online casino games using cryptocurrencies. But the majority of players are not like you. The general public is still skeptical when it comes to bitcoin and other digital currencies, which is definitely going to change soon. 

In the future, it is expected that the vast majority of online casinos will offer crypto-based payments and probably also advertise them as their primary payment method. That means there will certainly be more crypto-based bonuses and promotions as well.

5. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is part of the online casino industry today but it will be even more integrated in the future. Today, AI is used mainly to detect cheating and create better-targeted advertisements. 

However, in the future, AI might replace random number generators used by online casinos today to offer a better gameplay experience and better control of the games. It will also be used to collect and analyze user data and offer better recommendations to players.

6. Expansion of Live Gaming

Last but not least, we can expect to see an expansion of live gaming. In the UK, online casinos and slots are becoming more popular recently. However, that’s not what casino-goers of the future will be looking for. They will prefer a live gaming experience to spinning slot reels, just like many do now. 

Therefore, in the coming years, we will see more attention and focus being put on Live Dealer sections in online casinos and more live games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, and the like.

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