What is legal gambling and how does it work

Legal offline and online gambling is a must in countries where the gambling industry is regulated. There is simply no other way for gambling clubs to operate. However, with each passing day, more and more online casinos are talking about having a license. To get such a document, it is possible only after serious checks in the countries that regulate online gambling.

If we talk about legal gambling,including casinos without Swedish license, it means that the casino was certified and got all necessary permissions to accept bets, to host servers and to pay taxes on the territory of the country, regulating online gambling.

The most common types of licenses obtained by online casinos are in Macau, Greece and Monaco. The legislation in these countries is loyal to gambling and has a clear structure for dealing with gambling establishments. It is believed that obtaining a permit here is much easier and quicker than in the UK. It is considered to be a great success to get a gaming permit from the UK authorities, despite the complexity of the procedure.

Legal Gambling in the UK

In order for an online casino to be licensed in the UK, the gambling club must meet all the requirements set by the gambling regulator, as well as have a lot of funds to provide financial guarantees to the gambler and the government. The deal struck with the British authorities guarantees the gambling industry a transparent and fair regulatory framework for all casino activities. But the level of taxes on gambling organizations in the Foggy Albion is one of the highest. After all, gambling establishments are also responsible for shaping the image of the entire gambling industry, and therefore must regularly replenish the state budget to ensure a safe environment for players and the development of the entire sphere. Also, since last year, all UK-licensed casinos have been complying with the requirement to pay tax to a gambling addiction fund, use verification of gamblers with identity documents, and limit the use of advertising to promote responsible gaming among teenagers and those with unstable gambling histories.

Legal gambling in Denmark

Denmark is another country where obtaining a license is a landmark but less costly development. For example, games that do not require specialized skills or do not offer cash winnings to gamblers are not subject to compulsory licensing. In Denmark, there are different types of licenses for online and offline casinos. Also, owners of gambling establishments may apply for a permit with a limited income. For example, up to one million crowns, also operators can choose a licence with a limited annual turnover. Depending on the nature of the document, the conditions for obtaining it, the cost and validity period will vary. Online casinos may obtain a license for a period of 4 or 5 years if a complete set of documents is submitted with the possibility of unlimited operations, or for one year if a shortened set of documents is submitted. Land-based casinos can apply for a 10 year long permit, or even indefinitely in the case of a limited land-based gambling operation. An important condition when applying is:

  • The age of the holder is at least 21 years old,
  • No criminal record, no criminal record related to financial fraud
  • Residence in Denmark or the EU

If the person registering the casino is not, it is necessary to find a manager, who will meet all the above conditions.

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