Ways to Look for the Proper Welding Helmets

Now, as a welder, the importance of a quality helmet cannot be overstated. It protects your head and your eyes from injury while at work, and nothing is more important than your safety while working. If you're starting out as a welder or are a seasoned one, then you know how difficult it can be getting the right helmet for all your welding needs. The problem being, there are so many brands out there, all promising quality and class. But considering how crucial this piece of gear is to your work, it's only wise to choose the best welding helmet if you want to boost your productivity as well as the quality of your welds. Read on and find out what you need to be on the lookout for when choosing a proper welding helmet.

1. Versatility

When looking for the best welding helmet, you want to consider a helmet that is best suited for different situations. Let's face it, welding jobs will never be the same. This means selecting a welding helmet that can be used in different applications. You'll also note that different welding site jobs have different helmet requirements. You'll, therefore, have the upper hand when seeking employment in different sites only carrying with you the same welding helmet rather than having multiple helmets. Let's hope this makes sense… but you get the point, right? 

In other words, you're better off with a welding helmet designed just for you, depending on the kind of tasks you undertake, the appropriate weight, the right size for your head, and the right features. According to the folks at Welding Pros online, these custom helmets can be a good place to start if you're a bit confused. They've been made with overhead protection requirements, flip flop visors, respiratory protection, sensors, and incredible shading levels. Some of them also guarantee you optional hearing protection and shade level adjustments. With a few options reviewed by professionals, you can easily choose a helmet that best works for you. 

2. Comfort

If you're considering getting a welding helmet, then you'll be better advised to include comfort in your checklist of things to look for. This is because, when you're on a construction site, you'll be under the hood for most of the day, and it can get quite challenging, especially in the hotter days, not to forget the choking fumes. With an adjustable head harness and a made-to-fit helmet that is custom made for your head, you'll be better placed to handle any welding job whether easy or challenging. Choosing a comfortable welding helmet will make a huge impact not only on your comfort levels, but also on the quality of your welds.

3. Performance

Do you know why you need a high-performance welding helmet? Now, unlike in yesteryears when you had to hold a slightly opaque piece of glass before your eyes, today, you have welding helmets consisting of adjustable five-point headgear with a color touchscreen that includes a 100X60mm viewing area. And this is just the control panel. If this is not enough, they may also include a convex cover lens that will be available in the colors of your choice and hey, this is the front-loading convex lens! This is not only comforting to the eyes, but a technology that you wouldn't have expected in a welding helmet. This means that you have full control to adjust the shade sensitivity depending on the welding arc.

4. Safety First

When welding on custom steel, safety is one of the most important things to think about. You have to be mindful of the powerful glare, not forgetting being exposed to the steel fumes. Do you know how much it hurts when you weld on custom steel materials without protection? You'll not only have throat discomforts the morning after but it also puts you at a greater risk of contracting cancer. But thanks to technology, modern welding helmets will help to prevent you from flying metal debris, sparks, facial skin burns, electric shocks, and toxic gases. Wearing an auto-darkening helmet will also help to protect your eyes from the flashes and glares of immense light and the distraction that comes with it. If you know the feeling of having sand thrown in your eyes, then you'd want to protect yourself from the effects of glaring light and harmful gases. Additionally, you also need to protect your head from flying metal objects while welding. 

5. Manual Vs Battery/Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Yes, you heard it right! That's how much the welding helmet technology has advanced. And if you're surprised by this, it means you've been out of touch with technological updates in our modern world. Unlike the outdated welding helmet, the modern helmet is automated and is powered by either battery or solar power, which makes it possible to automatically adjust the viewing lenses.

Finally, whether you're a handy DIYer or a professional welder working on an oil rig somewhere in the Indian Ocean, having a welding helmet that best suits your needs is crucial towards the quality of your welds. In addition to this, it will in the long run help in protecting you against what entails in most welding jobs.

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