Vaping 101: Accessories and Tools You Must Have

Vaping is the action, while “vape” is the device. Vaping is a relatively new trend that has been on the rise. Many smokers are shifting toward it to stay away from smoking risks. Thus, new brands are coming out on the market, providing vaping devices with a variety of functions and features, accessories and tools. If you want to make that shift too, and quit traditional smoking, you first need to get acquainted with the types of devices, tools, as well as some tips to enjoy your vaping experience.

What you may not have realized is that the vape is a portable vaporizer, which was one of the first devices used to vaporize herbs and nicotine, and other substances for inhalation. Vaporizers are made out of glass or metal, with three different kinds of extraction chamber forms. If you're interested in getting one, catch the Volcano vaporizer sale — their devices are German-engineered and heat resistant. They are also considered by many as more durable, especially for medical patients and heavy users. 

Stepping inside a vaping store, you will be shocked to see the number of vape accessories. To simplify it, there are mainly three uses they are intended for: enjoying the vaping experience while inhaling nicotine or herb, the device's efficiency, or just aesthetic appeal. Here, we will be looking at the common tools that all vapers use when they start building their own coils. Write these down on your shopping list, and start building. 


Vape wires:

You can build your coil with different types of wire. They differ in material and size, and impact your vape experience for three main reasons: different flavor output, vapor production, and ramp-up time. The most well-known types are Kanthal, stainless, nichrome, nickel, and titanium wires.

Wire cutters:

You need to buy a good set of wire cutters, preferably the angled ones for ease of use. It is very important for all vapers, as you will notice that you may be using it more than once every day. 

These cutters are used while building coils; you will cut with them the desired length of a piece of wire, or the coil leads to the deck of two kinds of vapes. You are either using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), or a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA). It will always come in handy; you can even cut the excess cotton after it's wicked through the coil. It is important to keep the cutters sharp and super clean.


They are one of the most essential tools you'll need when building a coil. They are available in different shapes, materials, and sizes. Vape experts recommend ceramic over non-ceramic tweezers, and black-coated ones over white; as they stay cleaner and give you a better visual while using. When it comes to shape, the choice between curved tweezers or straight ones depends on personal preference, so you can experiment with both to find out what fits your working hands more.

Tweezers are used to build on any topper; they will help you modify and alter strum, and pinch or pulse coils until they are in just in the right place on the deck. This is essential for proper vape usage.

Syringes and needles:

Buy a good set of glass syringes and needles, or pick a dispenser needle. The standard sizes are 14, 16, and 18 gauge — whichever works best for you. They are very useful while refilling your atomizers and building coils, especially if you will be vaping anise, cinnamon or menthol. 

Microfiber towel:

Do not underestimate the effect of spilled juice on your expensive mod or atomizer, or on the table, you have been building on. Microfiber towels will absorb the juice quickly, leaving the surface super clean and with zero scratches. Stay away from cheap napkins!



Buy a plastic or silicon battery case. Although they are quite cheap, many vapors neglect them, maybe because they are not aware of the harm some batteries may cause. Stay safe on the go by putting your charged batteries in your battery case. Most vapers prefer the silicon battery case, as it looks cooler. 

Vape bands:

A vape band falls under the category of accessories designed for aesthetic appeal, although many vapers will defend its importance in keeping your tank safe when it falls. Still, it serves no real function besides making your vape look different and personalized. 

Vaping is definitely less harmful than traditional smoking, and there is no doubt that it involves fewer chemicals. You can buy ready-made coils at first, but most vapers prefer building their own coils; it is definitely an enjoyable activity once you get the hang of it.

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