Top Tips for eSports Betting

Whether you're a total beginner or a diehard eSports fan, it's easy to bet on eSports in 2022. Don't believe it? The top tips in this guide will prove you wrong!

Video games are now considered to be an official sport. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘eSports.' eSports are professional gaming tournaments and competitions that take place all over the world. Usually, the winner of each contest will receive a cash prize or reward for their victory.

All kinds of different games are used for eSports competitions. For example, FIFA is a very popular eSports game, as well as League of Legends.

At the start of the eSports era, you couldn't bet on the matches. Now, though, you can – which is incredibly exciting.

Choose your preferred games

The first tip is to bet on games that you genuinely like. This is because you have more knowledge about the gameplay, which means you can make smarter bets. For example, if you like League of Legends, you can use to place bets on LOL eSports events.

Whatever you do, don't watch an eSports event based around a video game you have no knowledge of and then place bets on it. This would mean you're placing random bets hoping that luck will pull through, which is never a good idea! Instead, stick to games that you know and play yourself.

Research the players

Before any eSports event, make sure to research the players if you're planning on betting.

Your research should be based around:

  • Their tournament win/loss history
  • Current winning streaks
  • Age and experience

For example, if a specific player is on a 5-tournament winning streak, then you can be pretty confident and place a bet on them to win the whole thing (or at least their first-round match).

Place small bets at the beginning

If you're a total newbie to the world of eSports and eSports betting, you should keep your bets small at the beginning. The smaller the bets, the better.

Remember, you're not trying to conquer the world when you first start out. Instead, you're simply aiming to increase your experience levels and familiarize yourself with how depositing funds and placing bets works on your chosen website. As your experience levels grow, you can start to put larger wages on eSports events!

Make sure your internet connection is good

The majority of eSports events are streamed on the internet via YouTube and Twitch. Very rarely are they shown on live TV. What this means is that you need your internet connection to be good and strong. Otherwise, your stream will lag, which then makes it incredibly difficult to place bets.

For example, if your stream is lagging two minutes behind the action, you might accidentally place a wrong bet – which you don't want to happen.

For a better internet connection, try these tips:

  • Use a wired internet connection if you're on a PC or laptop
  • Close any background apps on your device
  • Disconnect other devices from your WIFI network that aren't currently being used
  • Sit closer to your WIFI router if you're watching from home

Lastly, have fun when you watch your next eSports event, and good luck with any bets that you place!

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