Top 9 MMA Fighters & Their Favorites Hobbies

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become a global phenomenon, drawing some of the world's most skilled and devoted combatants. These athletes have an unrivaled desire to succeed inside the octagon, but they also have interests and hobbies that allow them to decompress and find balance in their lives. In this post, we will look into the lives of X great MMA athletes and their favorite pastimes outside the ring. From cuisine to music, outdoor experiences to charities, these warriors demonstrate that they are more than their appearance.

1. Georges St-Pierre – The Chef

Georges St-Pierre, widely recognized as one of the best MMA fighters of all time, is a culinary genius and an MMA fighter. The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion enjoys cooking as much as he does fighting. St-Pierre likes experimenting with different cuisines and is well-known for his commitment to providing healthful meals. His cooking abilities have even led to opening a restaurant in Montreal. GSP's passion for cooking illustrates that discipline and creativity go hand in hand in MMA and the kitchen.

2. Ronda Rousey – The Gamer

Ronda Rousey, a pioneer in women's MMA, has an interest that many fans may find surprising: gaming. When she isn't training or appearing in Hollywood, Rousey is a passionate player, particularly of video games. Her gaming interests range from World of Warcraft to Pokémon; she has even attended gaming events. Rousey's interest in gaming demonstrates her diverse mentality, demonstrating that even the most tenacious fighters can find pleasure and delight in virtual worlds.

3. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone – The Cowboy

Donald “Cowboy” Sr. Cerrone is more than just a moniker for an MMA great; it's a way of life. Cerrone is a genuine cowboy at heart outside the octagon. He enjoys horseback riding, bull riding, and everything rodeo-related. His property in New Mexico provides a sanctuary for him to indulge in his passion for the Western way of life. Cerrone's devotion to his cowboy interests mirrors his unwavering attitude and courageous approach to life and combat.

4. Anderson Silva – The Guitarist

Anderson, aka “The Spider” Silva, regarded as one of the best fighters in MMA history, has a gift beyond martial arts: he can play the guitar. Silva's passion for music is well-documented, and he frequently displays his guitar abilities with his admirers on social media. His peaceful compositions contrast sharply with his fierce fighting technique, demonstrating the depth of his nature and his capacity to find comfort thanks to music.

5. Rose Namajunas – The Gardener

Rose Namajunas, the former UFC strawweight champion, is well-known for her green thumb and fighting abilities. Namajunas seeks peace outside the cage via gardening. She has stated that cultivating plants and seeing them flourish brings her serenity and awareness. Namajunas' pastime displays her gentler side and emphasizes the significance of balance in the life of a fighter.

6. Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy – The Poker Player

Dan, aka “The Outlaw” When he's not fighting, Hardy, a former UFC welterweight contender, enjoys high-stakes poker. Many athletes are drawn to the adrenaline and intrigue of casino games as the blend perfectly complements their affinities. Hardy, well-known for his stunning abilities and charm, has also created a reputation for himself in poker. He frequently enters poker tournaments and has refined his poker abilities. 

7. Tyron Woodley – The Rapper

Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley is a superb rapper and a formidable welterweight combatant. Under the identity “Chosen One,” Woodley has released many hip-hop tunes. His passion for music has prompted him to work with musicians and perform numerous times. Woodley's love of rap indicates that boxers may have various abilities and interests outside the ring.

8. Max Holloway – The Surfer

Max “Blessed” Holloway, known for his explosive fighting style and outstanding accomplishments in the UFC featherweight division, enjoys surfing. Holloway enjoys surfing and frequently goes out on the ocean when not training. His passion for surfing embodies his laid-back Hawaiian background and the necessity of being connected to nature for balance and relaxation.

9. Valentina Shevchenko – The Dancer

Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko, the current UFC women's flyweight champion, is a fantastic dancer and a ferocious fighter. Shevchenko has a history in dance and even practices ballet. Her ballet talents aided her grace and poise in the octagon. Shevchenko's passion for dance exemplifies MMA fighters' adaptability and ability to thrive in various creative disciplines.


MMA fighters are sometimes portrayed as unwaveringly dedicated to their jobs, but as we've discovered, they are also enthusiastic about various hobbies and interests outside the cage. From cooking to gaming, rodeo to music, these fighters remind us that balance is essential for a happy existence. Their hobbies provide them a break from the rigors of training and fighting and reveal the various personalities that make them exceptional. We acquire a greater understanding of the individuals who continue to fascinate and inspire fans globally by celebrating their abilities outside of MMA.

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