Top 3 Horse Races

Horse racing is one of the most spectacular sports. Numerous events are conducted annually. Here are the main events for horse racing lovers.

Melbourne Cup

When the races begin, almost all Australians and New Zealanders stop working to watch the Melbourne Cup broadcast or listen to it on the radio. 

Since 1861, the Cup has come a long way. Its prize fund grew from 170 pounds and a gold watch to more than 5 million Australian dollars and a gold cup. 

Australian horse racing begins on the first Tuesday of November and lasts a whole week. Spectators fill the Flemington Hippodrome, the main racetrack for the Cup, in the early morning. The races start at 3 p.m. Yet, by that time there are no seats available. Every year, up to 400 horses take part in the competition. 

Everyone will find something to do during this tournament. Some viewers bet and cheer for horses, filling the stadium with noise. Ladies wear crazy hats and fashionable outfits. Children have fun during the family day, closing the Melbourne Cup.

Kentucky Derby

Every year on the first Saturday of May, the Churchill Downs Racetrack hosts one of the world’s most famous equestrian events. Since 1875, the spirit of competition has not changed. A lot of luxury and importance of the American south, preserved since the prosperity of the rich plantations, the highest prize pool and the best horses attract celebrities from around the world. 

The Kentucky Derby is one of the three races within the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. In just 2 minutes, horses must overcome the distance of 2011 meters. The festival starts two weeks before the competition and consists of a grandiose half-hour fireworks, a steamboat race on the Ohio river, a music festival and a colorful festive parade. 

Royal Ascot

The most famous horse race began in 1711. Anne Stuart, walking through the old town of Ascot, found a wasteland, perfect for horse racing. Since then, the old tradition to hold Royal Ascot 5 days a year in June has been respected by the royal family. 

Elizabeth the Second, a passionate horse lover, has not missed a single competition since she was 19 years old. She has even made bets. Royal Ascot is a paradise for gamblers. Bets here are made on everything. People bet on horses of winners and losers in each of the 18 races and even on the color of the daily dress of the queen. 

Racing has been among the most expected events in the UK for many years. Royal Ascot is the first event in the fashion world. Ladies compete in stylish and eccentric outfits, and hat masters are busy working for the competition many months before it. A strict dress code is observed here. No bare shoulders and miniskirts should be worn. Everything is within English fashion traditions and impeccable style.

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