Tips on Improving Your Golf Practice From Expert Golfers

There is no other sport than underscores the importance of concentration more than golf. A mere muscle twitch or even the slightest distraction is already enough to distract you and miss your shot. Nobody says golf is easy to master. However, the challenge brought about by its difficulty to master is what makes this sport very interesting. If you consider yourself a newbie in the world of golf, might as well check out the following helpful tips for improving your golf practice.

Learn to Pitch Sidearm

One of the most common issues facing amateur golf players is the ability to swing their club in the correct sequence. Many amateur players face this issue for varied reasons. However, such an issue can easily be corrected by learning to pretend that one is a sidearm pitcher. The professionals behind Hack Golf recommend that you practice this technique. To do this, you can start by grabbing your tennis ball and try to throw it sidearm. Do this with much force against a wall and you will be surprised to notice that your leg automatically loads farther from the wall. You will also notice your arm rears back each time you throw the tennis ball this way. The more you practice sidearm pitching the more that your body learns to shift its weight to its lower body. This occurs even when your arm has not yet completed the windup. 

Avoid Underestimating the Follow-Through

Remember that an impressive golf swing does not end once you can hit the ball. You have to practice a follow-through as well. To do this, see to it that you finish your swing with your hands above your left shoulder. If your right shoulder is under your left it would mean you were good at hitting the ball in the direction you planned. If your hands were kept low and your right shoulder doesn't end up lower than your left, it would usually mean that your swing was not working well. This is proof that your club and ball connection is not perfect.

Do the Worst Ball Drill

Many golfers who have become consistently good at playing golf were able to achieve such a stance by practicing their worst ball. The European Tour rookie named Scott Gregory attributed his becoming a complete player to his worst ball drill. For him, there is no other better way to become better at golf than practicing the worse ball drill regularly. To do it, you can start on the tee, then try hitting two balls from every position. You should only play your worse ball until you can hole out. 

The important thing here is for you to be able to maintain your pre-shot routine. You also need to focus on every shot. So, if you play a par 4 and then you can hit one drive in the fairway and the other in the rough. Your next two shots must be played from the rough. If one ball lands on the bunker and your second ball on the green, this would mean your next two shots must be played from the bunker. If you can make par while practicing your worse ball then it would mean you have achieved some level of improvement. The greatest benefit of practicing your worse ball is for yourself to get used to handling adversity. The second benefit is learning how to improve your ability in playing problem shots. 

Practicing golf not only requires concentration and dedication. You also need to possess enough determination to help you persevere even during your worst games. Continue to master your ability to play golf and keep in mind that success only comes to those who are willing to persevere.

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