The psychology behind casino design

How many casinos have you ever visited? If you are lucky to have visited more than 10, then you will agree with me that there are things that they share; the design. The arrangement of the slot machines and the interior always looks the same.

Why can't designers come up with something unique that will stand out from the rest? Are casino owners likely to experience the same success when they change the design? We had a session with Jacek Michałski, whose profile you can find here, who highlighted that design is one of the casino tricks to keep you playing. Read on to understand this topic better.

Has the casino design been the same since their invention?

Definitely not. In the old days, you were likely to come across a machine when you walk in. However, this has changed to elegant lobbies. There has been an evolution as the casino owners seek to keep the gamblers playing and ensure that they have a nice time.

Bill Friedman is not a new name to people who are interested in classic casino design. He is a man who was addicted to gambling but went ahead to shape the designs that modern casinos have. Bill lectured at the University of Nevada Las Vegas on casino management, worked as a casino consultant and executive. He developed a theory that is widely used today and even wrote a book Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition, after studying the casino industries for over 20 years. The following are some of the designs that have stood the test of time:

No clocks or windows

The casino owners are in business and thus want to ensure that they get money from you. Most of these casinos do not have wall clocks so that you cannot know the time. Windows are also lacking in some, even though they are well-lit. You thus do not have a chance to peep outside and know when it is getting late. The designers understand that it is easy to get carried away by casino slots and spend to the last coin. Most of these casinos also operate 24 hours a day, and you will only be lucky if you have your wristwatch to check the time.

Intimate settings

Modern casinos are designed to evoke emotions such that you do not feel like leaving. Most casinos now have small rooms within the establishment and allow gamblers to have intimate sessions. Players within such chambers can thus win big without attracting unnecessary attention. Such players become explorers as they want to know what is behind the next door. The lighting in such casinos is also dimmed and allows players to feel intimate with the machines.

Narrow walkways

The idea of creating a feel-at-home feeling is one of the architectural designs that dominate the modern casino. The passageways are also coded with casino themes so that the players will never forget why they are in this building. The machines should be the décor, although there can be art on the wall (that emphasizes the casino gaming facilities). The Labyrinthine Design is also there to disorientate you when looking for essential facilities such as the restroom.

What about online platforms?

Some people think that creating a website is all they need to win the online market. However, the design of your website plays a crucial role in determining its success. A typical online casino has thousands of options to choose from. For instance, a casino that offers sports betting must have an up-to-date menu. Such a platform should remove games that have elapsed and add those almost kicking off on time. A good example is energycasino, where you are assured that the events are up to date. Thus, there are high chances that the homepage design will often change based on what the casino has on offer.

The designs you see in a typical casino are part of the casino psychology aimed at making the players spend more time. Some design increases the players' satisfaction or makes it easy for them to place a bet. However, some changes have forced people to rethink the casino design. For instance, the introduction of live dealers was something the designers had to consider and ensure that they are placed strategically.

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