The Keys To Formal Wear For Men

Are you planning to attend an event that asks for a formal dress code? If so, you might be worrying about whether or not your outfit is classy enough to meet the occasion. Well, don't worry because here we're going to look at what a formal dress code usually means, and a few tips you can take to make sure that you're looking the part.

The differences between the dress codes
The truth is that formal wear encompasses a few different dress codes, and these dress codes hold the answer to what your outfit should be composed of. Whatever the code, a suit is going to be expected of men. The differences between black tie, white tie, and black tie optional will usually dictate the details of what kind of tie you wear, whether you should be wearing a waistcoat, and so on. For black tie optional, you have a few more options in your dress style, such as being able to wear a blazer jacket instead of a suit jacket, or chinos instead of matching your pants to your jacket.

The role of accessories
You don't want to show to a formal event looking like you have underdone it compared to other men. It can make you feel a little cheap and ill-suited to the event and no one wants to feel that way. Aside from the tie or bow tie, which is often dictated by the dress code of the event, you have a few choices for your accessories. A good pair of cufflinks and a tie-clip can help you add a little detail to your suit, but the main accessories for most men are going to be the watch and the shoes. Learn more about the Holy Trinity of watches to make sure that you're choosing the wristwear that communicates the appropriate level of prestige and quality to fit the situation. For shoes, look to the dress code and you will usually find that they limit your options down.

Take care of the presentation
If you fail to take care of your suit, your footwear, and choose your clothes carefully, they aren't going to look good on you. The most important part of this is ensuring that you're working with a tailor to choose a suit that fits you perfectly. Otherwise, learning how to care for a suit is crucial, as well. This includes using quality (wooden) coat hangers to keep them in your closet, ensuring they get enough space from other clothes, and protecting them with cedar blocks and shavings. You should also consider getting a shoe hanger to make sure that your formal footwear doesn't get crushed or flattened.

If you're ever worried about whether or not you're dressed formally enough, don't neglect to ask the organizer of the event about the specifics of the dress code. In most cases, they will be glad to let you know a little more about their expectations. After all, they want everyone showing up to the event looking their best and appropriately dressed, too.

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