The Future of Casino Apps: What Mobile Gaming Will Look Like Beyond 2020?

If we are to speculate what the future of casino apps and the state of mobile gaming will look like beyond 2020, it is especially imperative to consider all facts and trends in the industry to gauge which direction things might be heading. Game analysts and gaming experts have been engaged in discussing the online gaming trends especially those offered on gambling casino apps.

There has been a significant increase in the number of best casino sites, and it has become the centre of such discussions, and everyone is trying to come up with their opinions, voicing their thoughts and comparing notes to predict the future. Some of the speculations are based on whether payment methods will be affected especially since Paypal Casinos have taken up the gambling industry by storm, and the convenience is incomparable to other methods of payment. But to predict the future, we have to consider numerical data which seems to pervade every inch of gambling. 

Will Online Gambling be Safe?

More than 70% of the apps on your phone can access your external storage, and although they require logging credentials, hackers can still access a lot of data through bypassing security walls in your mobile app. This is quite insecure especially if you use apps to access your bank account or to transfer money.  

However, almost all gambling sites have encrypted and installed JavaScript frameworks in their sites to ensure protection from online hacking, and we can only hope for things to remain that way or even become more advanced in the near future with the fast technological advances we witness day in day out. 

Companies like Apple are working to improve the experience of online gamers and gamblers continually. Three brand new iPhone models were released last year, and every one of them is a better version than their previous models that give more options for spinning mobile slots and playing mobile blackjack all day long.

No More PCs

Today's mobile gaming experience might not be as effortless as tablet gameplay, but it sure is getting closer and is prone to be even better beyond 2020. You will not have to worry about your mobile turning off in the middle of free spins. The usage of mobile internet in 2016 was expected to grow to 190 minutes from 155 minutes daily by this year (2019) and we can all bet that it is even more than that today because no one back then knew just how much we as a world would have accomplished technologically by now. With such fast internet, the app loading time is 30% faster than before.

Gambling slots have taken the lead in popularity because this mobile genre is downloaded more than 60 million times a year. Gambling slots are games of strategy, and with the increasing number of online gamers, it is expected that by 2020, mobile gaming usage will have reached 63.7%. Developing and emerging markets will grow to help drive mobile gaming to higher heights than today because games are projected to be at the top category for consumer spent by 2023.  By 2023, it is predicted that the annual global consumer spends on mobile gaming will reach up to over $200 billion, and the total mobile device install base will be over 6 billion.

The Future Is Mobile

Software providers and operators have learnt the secret of placing more emphasis on delivering mobile-friendly interfaces and responsive features to the sports bettor and casino players in today's gambling landscape which only acts as a foundation for better gambling experiences in the future. 

You see, when the scientific meets the world of entertainment, things like using a mobile device for more than 1,500 times a week happen. And when such things happen, it becomes easier and more convenient to play and bet on your mobile phone than to have to wait until you are home to access your PC. 

The Invention of Reality Casinos

Introduction of augmented reality apps is another fantasy we can look forward to become a reality in the near future. Now wouldn't it be incredible if you got to use your phone to play enhanced slots or roulettes with propped up visuals and graphics? This technology will give more reality to the gaming platform, and if you have had a taste of AR, then you can imagine how the slots will look like. With the ever-increasing technological advancements, there is more focus in AR since it has increased consumer engagement. 

Hands-Free Gambling: Voice Browsing

We already have Alexa in our homes and Siri on our phones. So should we also expect such technologies in gambling? Voice browsing is not only easy, but it also saves the energy and time used in browsing. There is a possibility that in the future you will only need to ask your phone to find a certain online casino without having to type or scroll through a phone. Even better, you will be able to control and place bets without touching your phone!

Final Word

Lastly, the numerous platforms for social networking have given rise to networking activities of tech-savvy players that are closely connected to technology and have placed significant emphasis on their mobile devices. 

The future means a change of vision for operator and developers. It means that players continue getting a different feeling and stay connected to an array of options from virtual sports to live sporting events and mobile friendly casino games that can be easily accessed even through the social platforms. We can also expect to see changes in online payment options among other technological advancements such as hands-free gambling and use of augmented reality apps.

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