The Differences Between Vaporizers

We are moving to a new age where being healthy is heavily emphasized in society and encouraged by celebrities. There has been an uprise in veganism, the betterment of one's mental health, fitness influencers, and an overall push for society to make healthier choices. This can be seen on social media with many accounts prioritizing fitness and health on their posts and encouraging others to do the same. This is also seen by the number of people who are quitting smoking and moving towards vaporizers.

Are you a heavy smoker? Have you ever wanted to try smoking just for the experience? Or perhaps you're trying to quit a smoking addiction that you have. If that's the case, it is imperative that you are made aware of the fact that there are many vaporizers out in the world, which can be intimidating for a newbie to make the right choice that suits them. Here are the differences between vaporizers:

Vape pens
Vape pens were popular when the use of cannabis arose in society and are used to vape concentrates, flowers and oils. A vape pen looks like a cylinder object and it comes in various sizes but it is mostly thin like a pen. The size of vape pens are larger than cigalikes and contain more battery power and cloud production, as they come in a variety of designs, such as these, that are available from many retailers, like Smoke Cartel. In terms of how vape pens work, it is user friendly and administered by placing it in your mouth for the cloud to travel directly to your lung, also known as direct-to-lung administration. Vape pens can be used anywhere and they fit in your pocket making it easy to use on the go.

This vaporizer was popular as it was one of the first electronic cigarettes and while many may not have heard of it, you have most likely seen it once or twice in your life. It looks like a cigarette and it is small and round in shape. The size of a cigalike is comparable to the size of a cigarette, making it portable and user friendly for those who choose it. In terms of how cigalikes work, it is very similar to a cigarette, hence the name, and it is known as a mouth-to-lung hit in terms of administration. Most people use cigalikes at gas stations, but they can be used anywhere a cigarette would be used as they are very similar to one another.

Desktop Vaporizers
This vaporizer was popular as one of the first vaporizers, originally designed to smoke weed. It looks like a special oven that you can use to bake dry herbs for smoking. The size of a desktop vaporizer is big and it is not meant for portable use. In terms of how it works, you inhale the vapour using a ‘whip' which is a tube or by using a vaporizer bag. Most people use it at home.

Session vaporizers
This vaporizer was popular as it's the most common type of dry herb vaporizers. It looks like a rectangular object and is attached to a bong or pot or a mini oven. The size of a session vaporizer are much larger than vape pens and are thicker. In terms of how it works, you smoke the weed in sessions by filling up an oven, burning the weed, and smoking the vapour until it's finished in the oven. Most people use session vaporizers at home.

On-demand vaporizers
This vaporizer was popular when session vaporizers came out as they are high quality and allos microdosing. It comes in a variety of styles and it has a heating and cooling down mechanism which is very efficient. The size of on-demand vaporizers are larger than vape pens but are still portable. It works by allowing users to smoke when they want as it is similar to the session vaporizers, as it has a heating mechanism that allows you to instantly heat up or cool down the oven. Most people use on-demand vaporizers at home.

It is always a good choice to be more self-conscious about how you live your life. Not only does this have an effect of you and your future kids, it has an effect on the people around you and your environment. Carbon emissions are said to be one of the main causes of global warming and for the deterioration of Amazonian trees. If you can make a switch that will help the world and prevent you from passing cancerous genetics to your future offspring, you should do it. And, lucky for you, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

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