The difference between THC consumption methods

Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants in the world and can be consumed in many ways including smoking, vaping, ingesting orally, and topical application to name a few. Each method produces unique effects on the body and mind which potentially influences how you want to consume it for medical or recreational purposes. Before consuming, it is important to research your options to learn more about the consumption methods and if it best fits your needs. This applies to both THC and CBD consumption methods. If you are a beginner looking to explore the different consumption methods, this article will highlight a few including the benefits.

Smoking it

Smoking is the most common consumption method and involves a hand-rolled joint that is smoked like a cigarette. You can also smoke a bong which is a water filtration device with the water soothing the hit. Daily High Club has a vast offer of bongs and if you’re interested in what they have to offer, you can learn more here. Both joints and bongs are great for social settings. It is common for a group of people to gather in a circle and share a blunt in rotation.

Vaping it

Vaping is the new popular consumption method rivaling traditional joints. This is an inhalation method of consumption that involves a device called a vaporizer that heats dry herbs at a controlled temperature and forms vapor. The device is handheld, battery-powered, and consists of many components including a mouthpiece, chamber, and charger. Most devices also have a built-in LED screen that lets you know the heating temperature as well as the battery status. To use a vaporizer, simply fill the chamber with a small amount of finely crushed dry herbs, turn the device on, select your desired temperature, inhale and exhale until your chamber is empty. Some devices are portable and give you the option of ending your session at any point and continuing at a later stage. This consumption method is convenient, portable, and discreet because it produces barely any smell. It is also much healthier than traditional inhalation methods because it does not involve combustion. Lastly, you will enjoy more potent and flavourful effects with this device that is easy to use.

Eating it

Edibles have been a popular consumption method for as long as smoking joints have been. Edibles are any food, baked goods, or drink that contains cannabis and come in the form of gummies, cookies, brownies, and tea to name a few. To consume, eat or drink the edibles and then wait about 60-90 minutes while it gets processed into your system via your digestive system and liver. After this lengthy onset, you can enjoy very potent and intense effects for as long as 12 hours. Edibles are a safe and healthy consumption method and they provide one of the longest duration of effects you will experience.

A transdermal approach

Another method not advertised as much is the transdermal method which is cannabis patches. You simply apply these sticky patches onto your skin's surface, preferable on a patch of skin that absorbs easily such as the arm or thigh. You can then forget about the patches and go about your day. The patch will slowly release the cannabis into your bloodstream via your skin throughout the day and can last upward of 12 hours. This method is great because it is discrete and you can apply it and forget about it. It’s also one of the safest consumption methods.

Applying it to the skin

Topicals are lotions, creams, balms, oils, and sprays that contain cannabis. Topicals are not psychoactive however, they provide many health benefits such as pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply apply the topicals onto the affected area for relief. This method of consumption is great for targeting skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Athletes also love it for muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Bathing with it

Lastly, you can enjoy a nice cannabis bath with cannabis bath salts. Simply add the salts into your bathwater and then lay in it and relax. The cannabis will absorb into your skin and provide relief from any pain and inflammation. You will also feel relaxed and calm, the ideal time for a cannabis bath is before bedtime. This is one of the safest and healthiest consumption methods.

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