Super Bowl Spending

Founded in 1920, the NFL has seen its popularity and revenue increase exponentially in the decades since. America's favorite pastime now dominates the sporting industry and has multiple lucrative television and sponsorship deals throughout its organizations. Revenue is earned and then distributed proportionally dependent on a team’s success in the league, playoffs, and if they manage to make it that far, the Super Bowl.

And that is the ultimate goal with all teams in the league aiming for the Super Bowl and earning each player a championship ring.

The Super Bowl itself is the premier sporting event of the year. The nation’s best football teams clash to find who is the championship team for the season. With over $1 billion spent on the Super Bowl, the franchises who participate stand to generate astronomical revenue throughout the post-season and the playoffs. The Ravens are tipped for success this season, as the Patriots have lost Tom Brady to the Buccaneers and the Giants have also lost crucial players.

TV Deals and Sponsorship

The NFL are reluctant to reveal all details regarding the revenue generated from network deals, advertising, and sponsorship. However, it is reported that during the period from 2013 to 2022; CBS, FOX and NBC will pay in the region of $27 billion for viewership rights for the Super Bowl. And believe it or not, advertisers spend north of $500 million to secure airing rights during the competition.

Halftime Show

The Super Bowl halftime show is always looked at as an epic event to compliment the game itself but at times it can overshadow it. The biggest artists and musicians are selected to perform during the break in the sporting action. Ticket prices are affected by the teams who are playing, but also the performers chosen may drive up the prices depending on their popularity. It's worth noting a long-standing tradition in the NFL is the halftime show performers are not paid. The show is voluntary and further exposure or an increase in their own sales as a result of the performance is well worth the effort.


The winners of the Super Bowl stand to win over half a million dollars and that's just for participating. Individual players can earn up to $44,000. These winnings are achievable by the revenue generated from advertising, sponsors and tickets purchased. The previous Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers already earn $87,000 per player in the post season play and the winners finished with an average of $211,000 including bonuses.

Seats right by the 50-yard line can go for $64,000 which shows how easily the revenue can rack up with thousands of attendees to games and millions viewing around the world.

Photo by Robert Hernandez/ Pexels License
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