The Rise of the Squonk Mod in the Vaping Community

Worldwide, 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco smoking alone, and that number is going to reach 8 million by 2030 according to the World Health Organization. It only makes sense for an alternative to smoking tobacco, such as vaping to become so prominent in the market in such a short duration.

Vaping community consists of many different intents and tropes; at first the dominant majority used to be previous smokers who switched to vaping to save their lives from tobacco. But over time the vaping culture has evolved to accommodate different reason that people vape for. Vaping has become more than a smoking cessation aid, some people are picking it up now just to enjoy the flavor, cloud, nicotine rush or tricks.

The Squonk Mod
Squonk mods aren't new to the vaping community, it had been underground for a while, a user in e-cigarette-forum made a hand-made mod that could feed e-liquid to the dripper atomizer by squeezing a bottle. Bottom-feeding squonk mods removed the need to drip from a bottle into the mouthpiece to reach the wick inside the coil. Even though it has been existing since 2010, it remained underground until Yiloong came up with the Geyscano squonker mod, Kangertech made their 30$ Dripbox mod. Once the Squonk mod was brought to the masses, it took the vaping community by surprise.

Squonk Mod Types
Regulated and unregulated mods are the two most distinct types of squonker mods; regulated mods feature VW/VV and temperature-control chipsets that allow the control of voltage and wattage, or temperature of the atomizers, they also come with dependable safety features to make sure the battery is safe for use and never harm you which makes them the first option for inexperienced or casual vapers; unregulated mods depend purely on the battery power while taking into consideration the resistance of the build, unregulated mod users have to ensure that their build follows safety laws using Ohm's law and knowledge of the safety and limitations of their battery. Some unregulated mods come with circuit protections built in the chip that help avoid risky user errors, the others are mechanical so they do not have any battery or circuit protections which make them only for the very experienced vapers.

Which Atomizer to Use
A bottom-feeding squonker atomizer is essentially a rebuildable dripper atomizer with some alterations made to make it squonk. The 510 -positive pin squonker is a hollowed-out metal connector that allows juice to flow through it back and forth. Most rebuildable dripper atomizers are implementing the bottom-feeding pin in case it is used in a squonker nowadays due to its increasing popularity in the vaping community.

Why Get a Squonker Mod
If you're an avid RDA user, getting tired of carrying all these vape juice bottles and having to drip after a few puffs then you definitely should get yourself a squonker mod. Most squonker mods nowadays have almost the same price of traditional vapes and most atomizers followed the same path and come pre-made with features that allow them to be used on squonkers. Squonking opened the doors to a lot of innovation in the development and innovation mods in the vaping community.

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