Slot Tips and Tricks That Work

Are you looking for some pointers on how to win at slots when you play KingCasino? Then, you've come to right place as we've compiled 5 slot tips and tricks that really work!

1. Play Slots at Licensed Casinos

This first tip is vital as people who play at unlicensed slots tend to lose everything. Don't fall into the same trap. Always play slots at casinos with proper licenses (e.g., a UK Gambling Commission license). You can't really go wrong with the major bookmakers and slot developers because they often boast their own casinos or recommend suitable ones on their sites. Plus, if you're unsure about the validity of any casino, run a check here.

2. Play for Free Before You Start Playing for Cash

People could save so much money by following our second tip. Why? Well, you need to get to know how a slot operates in order to be able to take advantage of winning opportunities and to avoid making rookie errors that put serious dents in your bank account. Demo games, free spins and free cash help here as you can get to know things like symbols, paylines and betting stakes. So, shop around for good offers online and sign up for the best ones. (Read the terms and conditions carefully, however.)

3. Play Slots with High RTPs

An RTP reveals the odds in a slot game and the higher the RTP, the more likely you are to win. What's more, if you want to know the house edge (the casino's advantage over you) in any slot, just subtract its RTP from 100%. For instance, Kings of Chicago from NetEnt possesses an RTP of 97.8% so the odds are 2.2.% in the casino's favour in this game. From now on, do your homework on RTPs and opt for games with the higher ones (e.g., 95% or more).

4. Set a Spending Limit Before You Play 

This is perhaps the trick that is most often overlooked – even by seasoned slot players – but if you don't set limits, you risk losing more than you can afford and increase your chances of becoming a problem gambler. Therefore, before you sit down for any slot session, work out how much you wish to spend (e.g., £10) and then deposit that into your account right away. Plus, never, ever add to this.

5. Set a Winning Ceiling Before You Play

Although our final piece of advice may seem a little counterproductive, it's a great trick for helping you to hang on to winnings. You see, according  research, people without winning ceilings don't know when to quit and end up handing all their profits back. So decide on a figure, such as double your deposit (£20 in this case as our deposit was £10 in the previous paragraph) and call it a day immediately when you win that or more.

Final Thoughts

Following our tips on slots will improve your chances of success. So are you ready to win?

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