Skilled vs. Pre-reveal US Online Slots Games- What's Better?

When thinking about slot machines, the first thoughts that spring to mind will not usually have anything to do with skill. Traditionally, slot machines are a source of entertainment where you simply push a button and hope the desired symbols spin in, however, there are some types of slot machines that do have a bit of a knack to them, and you will be rewarded for your expertise.

In this article we are going to look at skill games and compare them to pre-reveal games (or skill-based games as they are sometimes known), what the differences are, and if one machine type is better than the other.

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What is a ‘Skilled' Slot Machine?
A skill game is quite similar to traditional slots and skill-based games in many ways. Just like a standard slot, it may feature spinning reels, high chance, and pay lines. Compared to a skill-based slot, there will be some strategy involved with skilled games, with the strategy coming into effect at least once.

A good example of this is that you might have to select a winning combination after an action. This is different from a regular slot which will automatically deliver a payout without you needing to spot one. Memory games are another good example, with common styles such as picture games that reveal the positions, the pictures are concealed, and then the player must try to remember them. There are several similarities between pre-reveal slot machines and skilled slot games; however, the latter requires much more prowess than pre-reveal games.

What Is a Pre-Reveal Slot Machine?
The Fruity, the Slotty, the Bandit, the Fruit Machine. These are some of the nicknames given to traditional slot machines, also known as pre-reveal slot machines. Traditional machines can commonly be found in pubs and bars and perhaps there are even still a few in casinos today, although the majority of casinos will have up-to-date video slots. Although, pub gaming has raised controversy, as landlords have been accused of profiteering from slots.

Pre-reveal slot machines carry an RTP (return to player) and the only skill required in these games is the ability to find one with as higher a percentage as possible. A pre-reveal slot machine with 98% RTP, for example, will, over the course of time, deliver more returns to the player than a slot machine with a 95% RTP. In online gaming, each title should display its own RTP, which will typically be found on the info page of the game. Pre-reveal slots do not rely on your gaming ability for the majority of the time; however, a bonus feature might require a certain level of skill compared to a free spins feature.

Key Differences
There are another few key differences that separate pre-reveal slots and skilled slots. Skill games have the ability to get around local laws. Some states may not allow gambling, but skill games are not like standard slot machines which are based almost entirely on luck, and they are an easy way to improve your business. This means that skill games are able to be identified differently. A skill game requires much more effort from the player, whereas, with a pre-reveal slot, players could even use an autoplay tool so they don't have to do anything at all, and they can just let the game run its course.

Which is Better?
The answer to this relies solely on player preference. Each game has its own charms, pre-reveal games are less effort to play, have a wider range of themes, and incorporate a great deal of modern technology to its features. Moreover, players who trade in Bitcoin can often play pre-reveal titles with their cryptocurrency. A skill slot game on the other hand is much more player intensive, with the player having to remain focused throughout if they want success.

This is not ideal for a lot of players, as it is fair to say that the majority of games available are pre-reveal games, due to their popularity. Skill games are much more accessible as they are able to get around gambling restrictions, meaning that in some states in the US, skill games might be found in convenience stores, but a pre-reveal slot almost certainly would not be.

At the end of the day, the only way to answer which one is better is by trying a good selection of both, and each individual can decide for themselves.

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