Simple Cleaning Habits of People With Homes That Are Always Clean

Keeping your home squeaky clean and orderly is essential in ensuring your family's health and safety. In fact, studies have shown that those who have a clean home are more physically fit. Maintaining a clean home also lowers stress and fatigue, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, and prevents home accidents from occurring. It might seem overwhelming at first, but did you know that it takes just a few daily actions to keep your home spotlessly clean? Check out our handpicked list of fool-proof cleaning habits from people whose homes are always squeaky clean.

Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free
Did you know that you can avoid the dangers of house fires and fall accidents at home by just simply removing clutter immediately? Having too much clutter can lead to trip and fall accidents, a problem with your neighbors, and even possible eviction. Aside from that, too much clutter makes your house difficult to clean and look messy. To avoid clutter from piling up, invest in storage boxes to help you organize your belongings. Put away things to their proper place after use. Decluttering is an important action to simplify your life at home. Donate items you no longer use. Always make your bed upon waking up and never carelessly leave your things scattered everywhere. 

Regular Vacuuming and Dusting
To reduce allergy symptoms and avoid breathing problems, regular vacuuming and dusting are needed inside your home. Vacuuming is important especially if you have pets. Luckily, there are various high powered vacuums that you can use to manage pet hair inside your home. However, it is best to do proper research to identify which type of vacuum would help you more efficiently in keeping your home dirt-free. Always make sure to vacuum and dust your home regularly to avoid dust build-up. Not only does this habit keep your house neat and presentable, but it also saves you time during general cleaning sessions. 

Evening Cleaning Routine
Dedicating at least a 5-minute cleaning routine each night might seem like a small and insignificant task. However, having a cleaning routine on a nightly basis is actually beneficial in the long run. Simply wash dishes, wipe surfaces, sweep the floor, and organize clutter. These are just quick and easy tasks you can do at night that will surely save you time on the following day's morning cleaning routine. When developing an evening cleaning routine, make sure that you will cover the most important rooms inside your home. Start by cleaning the kitchen, then the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and, finally, the entryway.

Keep a Chores Checklist
With countless things to do, taking a look at your chores checklist can be overwhelming. To simplify your life, create a list of chores you need to do when cleaning and maintaining your home. You do not have to do everything in one go. Carry out one or two major household chores each day for your own convenience. 

Clean As You Go
Practicing the clean as you go approach inside the comfort of your home is the best way to keep your house tidy and comfy without spending too much time and effort. Originally designed as a policy to minimize risks to hygiene, health, and safety, implementing the clean as you go approach can greatly boost your home's comfort and cleanliness. Some of the things you can do under this approach are as follows:

  • Clean dishes after each use
  • Clean counters and sinks while you cook
  • Put away clothes in the hamper when you take them off
  • Pick up items lying around your house before bed
  • Use a squeegee to dry off your shower after each use
  • Do one load of laundry each day 
  • Fold and put away laundry after it has been washed and dried

Keep Surfaces Dry and Clean
Wiping surfaces after each use can do wonders in preventing grime build-up. Moisture promotes mildew build-up inside your home. To fix this issue, keep your house as hygienic and beautiful as possible by wiping down wet surfaces before walking away.

Organize Paper Documents
Another important tip in cleaning your home is placing paper documents into their designated storage quickly. Organizing them according to use will also benefit you too. Another brilliant alternative is to go paperless.

In a nutshell, it takes discipline, patience, and flexibility to get accustomed to any new habit, and a cleaning habit is no exception. By applying the above mentioned tips, you will reap the benefits of having a home as clean as a whistle.

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