7 Things You Should Know About RC Submarines

What could be more exciting than having a toy that could explore the depths of the ocean? The best RC submarines can give you a delightful time outdoors, regardless of how old you are. And in case you think that controlling such a device as it moves under the water is hard, think again. Operating an RC submarine is both easy and fun. But having said that, here are some things you should know about RC submarines.

1. There are different kinds of RC Submarines

In the market, you will find both dynamic diving submarines and static diving submarines. Dynamic diving submarines are quite simple as they lack functional ballast system. They simply start moving fast to the dynamic forces they generated, forces them to go under the water. The static diving submarines feature gas ballast systems and have a more realistic operation when in the water. Static submarines take on water until they start sinking, and then force out this water to rise to the surface.

2. Some Come with Cameras

In case you want to use your RC submarine to explore, underwater environments, then getting a model that has been outfitted with a camera is the way to go. However, if you have no interest in such capabilities, then it does not make financial sense to get an RC submarine that features a camera. However, having an RC submarine with a camera considerably adds to its usefulness, especially if you are a marine photographer. So, this is something you should consider when getting a submarine, since fitting a camera on a model that does not feature a factory-installed version might bring with it some challenges.

3. You can Make Your Own RC Submarine

Even though there are numerous purchase options for you if you want an RC submarine, you might still want to build one yourself. So, if you want to put your DIY skills to work and create a submarine of your own, that is still an option. Fortunately, there is a lot of guides over the web on how to construct a submarine. But if you want to walk down this path, you might want to read more about RC Submarines and learn more about how they work.

4. They can be Quite Useful

Although owning an RC submarine is a hobby for most people, the devices can also serve serious roles. In fact, these gadgets have commercial applications whereby they are used to inspect the sea floor, measure water depths, examine sea life such as lobsters and crabs, evaluate how underwater projects are going, and so forth. That is why some RC submarines are intended for advanced users as they have more controls that might overwhelm a beginner.

5. They Can Reach Depths of Up to 30 Feet

Obviously, you cannot expect a toy submarine to go very deep. However, these gadgets can safely clear underwater depths of up to more than 30 feet. However, most people do not need an RC submarine that goes that deep. However, such depths can prove important to those who need to use the submarine for underwater photography and other commercial roles where greater depths might be desirable.

6. Being a Swimmer Helps if You Want to Own an RC Submarine

You are probably wondering why this would be necessary. After all, you can operate the submarine using your RC from dry and comfortable safety of the boat or land. However, submarines might have problems coming back up again after going underwater, either due to mechanical failures or because they are stuck on something. That is where the swimming skills come in.

7. How to Shop for an RC Submarine

There are a lot of places to buy an RC submarine. However, for the best quality guarantee, you should buy a submarine from the manufacturer’s website. Still, you can get a good submarine from a top retail site, in case the factory is too far away. This should save you on shipping costs. Also, as you buy a submarine, ensure that it offers all the extra features you need, such as a camera if you intend to use it for underwater photography.


RC submarines are more popular than ever. In addition to being popular playthings, these gadgets can also help with important underwater tasks such as the exploration of the ocean floor and sea life, as well as the inspection of underwater projects. You can buy the submarines from the manufacturers directly, or from popular retail sites. Otherwise, if you are up to it, you can also build an RC submarine yourself.


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