Top 10 Romantic Films to Watch on a Date

It's no secret that the most popular scenario for a date involves asking the girl out to a movie theater. It's cheaper than restaurants and cozier than nightclubs. And the main thing here is to choose a good movie to watch.

There are films you can't watch without popcorn and a six-pack. But we need something different, like films that would become an unambiguous prelude to sex. They must entertain and arouse simultaneously. Here are 10 best romantic films for a date from

10) Dangerous Liaisons
Seduction, betrayal, and more seduction – all masterfully done by Michelle Pfeiffer, John Malkovich, and Glenn Close. The French Marquis tries to win the heart of her ex-lover, sending her accomplice to seduce the lover's bride. But the accomplice (Viscount Valmont) falls in love with another woman. Intrigue, passion, seduced innocence, lying virtue, and blood is a perfect cocktail for a romantic evening.

9) Belle Époque
It's an excellent Spanish sexy and romantic film starring Penelope Cruz. A young, handsome soldier, wounded during the Civil War, finds himself in a farmer's house. There he meets four farmer's daughters: a widow suffering from hopeless love, a lesbian, a tedious socialite, and an innocent beauty. In search of true love, Fernando sleeps with all four.

8) ¡Átame!
Antonio Banderas as the main character and Pedro Almodovar as the director – perhaps this will be enough to intrigue your girlfriend. The plot is as follows: a former patient of a psychiatric hospital falls in love with the actress who's going through a difficult period in life. Sex, damaged psyche, crippled childhood, pernicious addictions, and the Stockholm syndrome combined with a bit of comedy met in one film. Banderas kidnaps the actress and keeps her tied up until she falls in love with him.

7) Laurel Canyon
A couple of university graduates settles in Los Angeles. Alex is a doctor, and Sam is a psychiatrist. They live in Sam's mother's house together with a rock band. Gradually, Alex falls under Sam's mom's influence, and Sam sees nothing good in it. Their lives turn into a chaos of parties and sex experiments. But in the end, the Sam and Alex face challenges every couple comes across at some point. Girls like such stories.

6) Y Tu mamá también
If you're looking for romantic films with sex, pick this one. Two girls go on a vacation, leaving their boyfriends at home. While the girls are away, the guys meet a woman who's older and much more sexually experienced than them. If your girlfriend doesn't want to get you into her bed after this movie, there's something wrong with her.

5) The Fabulous Baker Boys
Two musician brothers hire a prostitute (Michelle Pfeiffer) as a vocalist in their band. The girl wins both the audience's and brother's attention.

4) Suspiria
Suspiria isn't one of the top romantic drama films. It's a horror movie. Susie comes to Germany to study at the ballet school. But she doesn't know about violence and supernatural evil that rages within its walls. But Susie finds out about everything.

3) Eyes Wide Shut
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman play the couple whose marriage is going through hard times. Besides their own skeletons in the closet, they have to face a sect of rich perverts practicing group orgies in the old castle. This film isn't about silly romantic adventures. It's about dangerous and arousing primal instincts.

2) Mr. & Mrs. Smith
This one should belong to the list of romantic comedy films. We all know the plot: a couple of assassins receive the objective to kill each other. But it all ends with hot sex in the kitchen.

1) Dirty Dancing
It's undoubtedly classics of the 80's. A romance of a poor dance teacher and a girl from a wealthy family – what can be more romantic? Sensual scenes starring Patrick Swayze won't leave even you indifferent.

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