Replace Basement Windows by Following Egress Window Requirements

Now that it has been decided to work on the basement and start with the windows, every homeowner has to understand that the procedure is completely different from what is usually applied on the rest of the home. Basement windows need expansion every time in order to meet egress/fire code needs so as to make sure that the place can fulfill its responsibilities whenever needed.

The next and another important aspect is not to feel shy or hesitate in asking questions because there may be some areas that may cause confusion and owners should always opt to consult with Direct Pro Windows and Doors in order to avoid any mishap. So, be it about meeting egress requirements or following the prevailing trends, Toronto window replacement can never be successful until owners think rationally and wisely. What everybody has to understand which type of basement windows would work best, how much they cost and how would be installed properly. Once everything is clear, it would be quite easy to make things work in the right way.

1. Concrete Cutting
When it comes to expanding the opening or installing egress windows in the basement, owners have to find a way on how to cut the concrete. Yes, the key is to hire professional concrete cutting workers who have been doing the job since long and possess all the tools to work on the residence. Needless to say, homeowners can approach project managers and discuss key aspects before starting the job.

2. Need of Fire-Code Windows
Is there any way for homeowners to know when and why to add egress basement windows? Well, their significance increases when the basement has bedrooms that always need to have emergency exit in case of any mishap.

The rule of thumb should be to choose such basement windows that meet strict egress measurements in order to make sure that they provide an unobstructed view with an area of at least 3.8 square feet. When the security bars are present, inhabitants can operate them from inside with no need to removing them at the time of Toronto window replacement.

3. Window Wells
Having windows in the basement means that there should be a well in the area as well so that it would be easy for inhabitants to enter and leave the place whenever they want. For well to be according to the egress window requirements, there should be a minimal clearance distance of 22 inches between it and the unit so as to simplify escape. Though, if someone wants to enlarge or recreate a well for th basement windows, it’s necessary to hire a qualified contractor.

4. Cut-Out Prices
Apart from working basement window installation, owners have to spend the following costs as well:

  • Trenching: $350 to $500
  • Window well building: $300 to $450
  • Concrete cut-out: $650 to $900

Now that everything is clear, homeowners would have better knowledge than anyone with respect to replacing basement windows. Although it would be an extensive and time consuming job, owners can expect to see satisfactory results when they follow expert recommendations.

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