Questions and answers about free spin bonuses in online casinos

Many online casinos distribute free spins among their customers. From this article, you will get to know everything about this type of promotion.

Free spin bonuses are among the most common promotions on digital gambling platforms. They help players to reduce their expenses, enjoy greater adrenaline and maximize their chances to win. The readers of this text will get smart tips on how to receive free spins and use them wisely.

What is the essence of this promotion?
To play slots, gamblers need to pay. They pay each time they push the button that sets the reels of a slot machine in motion. Due to free spins, they can push this button at no cost. The machine will function as usual and customers will be able to win real money.

How can a player get free spins?
Normally, newbies get them as a part of the welcome package after they sign up for a gambling project. Later on, they might get free spins as a reward for achieving a higher tier in the loyalty program. They might win this bonus in a slots tournament or get it as their Birthday gift. The rules of crediting free spins depend on the creativity of the platform's management.

How often can gamblers use free spins?
If this is a part of the welcome package, gamblers can use this gift only once. Licensed casinos require all their newcomers to verify their personalities according to KYC (know your customer) standards. They will need to submit to the administration copies of their personal documents, such as passport, ID, driving license, bank statement and utility bills. This proves that they have already come of age and live in a territory where they can gamble legally — and it guarantees that they will not abuse the generosity of the project. Yet if they receive free spins as a part of some other bonus, they can use them as often as the rules of the promotion permit.

Can I combine it with some other bonuses?
The rules of most gambling platforms do not allow this. Typically, players cannot merge several bonuses into one. If you do so, you might lose both bonuses. At best, their rules will change. You should doublecheck it with the support team.

To which types of entertainment do free spins apply?
You cannot use free spins in any title you fancy. Usually, you can apply this bonus only to one slot. Some platforms enable their users to choose from 2-3 slots. The names of these machines will be indicated in the rules of the bonus.

What are the other rules of the bonus?
It has a wager. If the wager is x20, it means that the player should win 20 times the sum of the bonus to be allowed to withdraw their prize. Wagering coefficients below x25 are considered sensible. Free spins have their validity period. If you fail to use them on time, they expire. If you get free spins as a part of a reload bonus, only selected payment systems might qualify for it.

Can I exchange free spins for cash and withdraw it?
No. Also, you cannot transfer your spins to another player. You can only spend them on selected games.

Why do gambling projects distribute this bonus?
They do so to expand their loyal audience. When newbies get a welcome package, they will hardly be able to spend all free spins in one go. Most likely, the spins will be distributed across several days. For instance, you get 100 free spins and you can spend a maximum of 20 on each of the next five days. You will be coming back to the casino daily to use this bonus. You will get used to gambling on this platform and you will keep playing here after your free spins are over.

Is there any difference between using free spins and playing in free demo mode?
The difference is significant. Many gambling sites and apps enable newbies to train in demo mode without registration. Bonuses are credited only to registered customers. In free trial mode, it is impossible to either win or lose a single cent. All stakes will be made and all prizes will be paid out with virtual coins that one cannot exchange for cash. When using free spins, players will not need to put their real savings at stake — but they will be able to cash out their winnings and buy real-world goods with them.

Final Thoughts

Free spins are a common variety of online casino promotions. This offer enables players to spin the reels of slot machines at no cost — and if they win a prize, they will be able to cash it out. Newbies receive free spins as a part of the welcome package as soon as they sign up for a gambling platform. Before accepting such a bonus, read its rules attentively and may luck be with you!

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