Pool Accessories and Equipment at Watson's

Have you recently purchased a pool? Above-ground models provide owners with the opportunity to get many accessories and equipment to make their experience more fun and enjoyable.

The range of accessories and tools is extensive enough to make your backyard pool a safe and clean place for entertainment. Individuals are suggested to invest in pads, coves, skimmers, ladders, heaters, vacuums, grass killers, and other equipment. All products have a specific purpose related to cleanliness, safety, and protection.

Have a look at the most used accessories in detail.


Pool pads or liner pads are only part of the equipment you can find at Watson's. They refer to protective barriers between the liner and the sand base. The best pads are made of geotextile material specially designed to provide protection to the liner. Such protection is important, as sand might have sharp pebbles or debris that puncture this material.

Moreover, tree roots and grass might also grow underneath the pool and end up puncturing the liner. Find out how close to a pool you can plant a tree. Pads are specially cut to fit the size of pools and are convenient to install on flat bottoms. Thicker liners aren't as demanding when it comes to protection as thinner liners are. Nevertheless, pads are a good investment for any type of liner.


Pool cove is another essential piece of equipment you can purchase at Watson's. It's a small foam piece in the form of a triangle used during the installation process. Its purpose is to fill the gaps at the bottom of the wall and assist the liner's transition. It shouldn't be made from sand or shifted earth, as the latter settles over time. Also, it takes a long time to build a cove out of earth.

Furthermore, foam pool coves come with adhesive tape attached to them. Buyers only need to peel and stick the foam cove to the wall of the tank. It easily contours to the shape of the wall and isn't washed from excessive rainwater. Homeowners performing the installation process themselves will discover the importance of coves in speeding up the installation.

Grass killer

Grass killer is another handy product for owners of above-ground pools. Although you will remove all the roots and grass from the ground prior to installation, grass seeds would still make their way onto the dirt. While grass cannot grow without sunlight, this isn't valid for nutgrass, which is incredibly stubborn and unobstructed even by pads.

If nutgrass starts growing under the bottom, it can grow through the base and damage the liner. Therefore, a nutgrass preventative is recommended to prevent further issues and provide owners with peace of mind.


Pool skimmers are necessary for getting rid of the leaves, insects, and debris from the water's surface. This tool catches them in a nylon net attached to a frame of aluminum. You can attach the skimmer to an extension pole to acquire a longer reach. There are standard and deluxe versions of skimmers. Standard models hold a smaller amount of leaves and debris.


Pool heaters aren't a necessity for individuals living in warmer climates but for those living in colder regions. In cold climates, people can enjoy swimming in these tanks only for several months. Anyhow, a heater can heat up the water and enable you to use it in the months before summer arrives. There are solar and gas heaters that offer much more control than solar covers.

Solar blankets are a great accessory, too, as they heat the water by using solar energy. They reduce evaporation and cut energy costs. Solar blankets are claimed to lower thermal loss by ninety-five percent. Consequently, your pool will be ready for use whenever you want it.


Above-ground pool owners would benefit from purchasing a ladder or steps, such as A-frame ladders, deck ladders, and entry steps. A-frame ladders are equal on both sides and suitable for homeowners with no deck around the tank. These are simple and inexpensive, available in different models. Apart from standard ladders, there are models with removable steps that add safety when the structure isn't in use.

Deck ladders are used with a deck by getting mounted to decking. They are half the size of A-frame ladders, but their function is the same. Go to this site, http://www.watsons.com, to see a collection of pool ladders and ladder accessories. Finally, entry systems are deck mounted, but they only have steps inside the tank. Some systems have lockable gates installed on the outside to prevent animals and people from entering the water when unmonitored.

Final thoughts

Although the list of additional items is long, each of them is worth having.

While some are indispensable, others are highly recommended to enjoy a full experience!

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