Placing your bets with Sky Bet

If you're interested in getting into betting, you can't go far wrong by using Sky Bet as your main bookmaker. They have plenty of features and attributes which have them down as one of the UK's most used bookies and it's clear to see why so many punters choose to place their bets with them ahead of all alternative options.

A lot of bettors rank SkyBet as the best company to bet with. That primarily comes from the vast array of features which sees them always looking for a new way to bet. Both new and existing customer offers change frequently for bookmakers like SkyBet, which is mostly due to their efforts to provide something new and exciting for their followers. Further information on the latest Sky Bet sign up offer and all of their incentives can be found on FootyAccumulators' SkyBet page.

Reasons to bet with Sky Bet include:

SkyBet Club
For those who enjoy having regular bets throughout the week, the concept of being able to take a free bet even if your bets don't land has to be something to consider. SkyBet offer this service through SkyBet Club, which entitles followers to a £5 free bet every Monday, providing they spend £25 or more on betting throughout the previous week.

The only thing you need to do in order to get involved is opt in to SkyBet Free Bet Club online and make sure you're opted in before every Monday, as you'll get taken off their list if it looks like you're no longer interested. Gambling responsibly always has to be kept in mind before spending more than you'd like on your weekly bets but if you're sensible in wagering £25 or over, SkyBet is the place to go for taking some bet credits.

Creating your own bets has become extremely popular in the world of betting recently, and SkyBet are at the forefront of the action with their RequestABet feature. SkyBet RABs are made up of several selections and form a far larger bet with significantly stronger odds, so it's a good way of getting loads of likely outcomes into one massive selection.

Super 6
Unlike the other features we've already mentioned, Soccer Saturday Super 6 isn't technically a method of betting, but it could still win you up to £1 million. It's a free-to-play game where you'll be in with a chance of taking a massive cash prize if you can correctly predict the final score in six specific football fixtures. These games will tend to be Premier League or Championship fixtures, but any match can be included depending on what's happening over that gameweek.

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