Pimp My Ride: 5 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Truck

There are a lot of performance parts that people can buy for their vehicles – some even claim to be more masculine or feminine depending on gender.

While there have been “some” benefits found with free-flowing exhausts, there's no questioning the profound visual effects some aftermarket parts will make.

Like the ones that don't require an entire paycheck or extensive skills to install.

That said, here's a list of simple ways you can “pimp” your truck without looking stupid!

Add a few extra lights to the front and back of your truck
Extra lights will make it easier for you to see and be seen on the road. You can either add fog lights or if you have a newer model truck with HID headlights.

You can add LED strips under the headlights to make them shine brighter. Top that with adding a prinsu roof rack for that ultimate “cool” roof effect.

Get some chrome accessories like door handles, mirror covers
Chrome will always look good on any vehicle but will look especially good on trucks because of its size and ruggedness. There are also many different styles available in chrome – there are shiny chrome parts, dark matte-like chrome parts that look almost black until they catch the light just right.

There are even plated chrome parts that are shiny but not as reflective as regular chrome (these are usually found on high-end vehicles). If you want something more subtle than just adding a bunch of shiny accessories all over your truck, try getting a polished aluminum grille or trim for your truck.

Add a custom paint job to your truck!
The great thing about trucks is that you can paint them any color you want as long as it's a solid color. You can even get your name, company logo, etc. painted on the side of your truck if you want!

Most people think that custom paint jobs are expensive, but they don't have to be. Most “budget” custom paint jobs can be done for around $1000 – $1500 (depending on the size and complexity of the design), and will look better than any stock paint job ever could!

Add a custom grill or grille to your truck
This is a very popular modification in the off-road community, and makes your truck look so much more aggressive.

You can get a plain, matte black grill or even a chrome grille that looks like it's made out of steel. This is also the best way to add some serious style to your truck without spending too much money!

Install LED lights on your truck
LED lights are extremely bright and are the perfect replacement for regular bulbs in any vehicle. They use very little power, have no tail light glare, and do not get hot when they're on for hours on end (which is great for off-road vehicles).

The only downside is that they cost more than normal bulbs (but not as much as you might think). The good news is that you can install them yourself since there aren't any complicated wiring harnesses required. If you want to go with a brighter, more intense lighting effect, then you can get your hands on a headlight kit that includes everything you need!

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