A Guide To The Perfect Cheerleader Costumes

Cheerleader costumes, while they may look quite simple, actually take a bit of work to get right. Whether you are looking to actually try out for a cheer squad, or just want to look like a cheerleader for Halloween, it is going to take a fair bit of work to make it look good. With that being said, if you follow a few crucial tips, you should be able to look like the real thing without too much trouble. This is your guide to the perfect cheerleader costumes.

1. The Clothing

When it comes to cheerleader costumes, that short skirt is absolutely essential. If you have ever seen cheerleaders in person, you know exactly which skirt we are talking about. The skirt isn't everything though, as the classic cheerleader sweater or the shell top needs to be worn as well. Whether you want to be a retro cheerleader or a modern one, the clothing you wear will define what era you are from.

2. The Hair

One of the most important aspects of cheerleader costumes is the hair. Sure, you can buy a wig if you like, but there is really no need for it. As long as you have fairly long hair, you can modify it yourself to look exactly like a college cheerleader. A classic ponytail is a big hit, poofs work well, and braids tend to be quite popular too. Braids can be hard to make, but with some instruction and patience, it is doable.

3. The Pom-Poms

Have you ever seen a cheerleader without pom-poms? It is safe to say that there has never been a cheerleader outfit out there that has not included pom-poms. If you want your cheerleader costume to be real and authentic, you definitely need a pair of these fluffy things. If you don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash, you can actually make DIY pom-poms without too much trouble. Cheerleader costumes are never complete without pom-poms. They add some flare to the mix and they make for authenticity too.

4. Makeup

Cheerleader costumes are not just all about the clothing and the pom-poms. Another big part is the makeup. Cheerleaders need to be bright, sparkly, and get people’s attention. Big lashes, eyeliner, sparkles, glitter, and stick on stars are always great options. Cheerleaders are supposed to be divas, and divas sparkle!

5. The Shoes

The final thing you are going to need for any cheerleader costume is a good pair of shoes. Some cheerleader costumes don’t need anything but some white shoes. However, if you are going for a more down south cheerleader look, a pair of white cheerleader cowboy boots will complete the look without a doubt.

The Perfect Cheerleader Costume

It really does not matter what era or year your outfit is supposed to be from. As long as the cheerleader costume you are wearing looks authentic, you have got nothing to worry about. The good thing about cheerleader costumes is that they are easy and cheap to buy, and can even be put together with old things laying around your home.

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