PC vs Console Gaming: Which Suits Your Needs More?

PHOTO, A PC could well be a great option for optimal gaming

Playing video games is now easily one of the most popular hobbies around the globe, with there being an immense number of people who choose to log onto their gaming systems whenever they get any valuable downtime. When it comes to these legions of gaming aficionados though, there's one debate that never seems to quieten down amongst many of the hardcore, and that's the consistently noisy argument between PC and console users over which version is the ultimate method to indulge in the pastime.

Whilst that's a dispute that we're certainly not going to try and settle, we are going to take a look at some of the differences between the two, and discuss which one will better suit your needs if you're thinking of diving into the highly enjoyable world of video games. After all, it's a fantastic hobby to have, and is one of the greatest ways that you can use technology to pass the time.

What's Your Budget?
The first question you have to ask yourself is how much money do you have to spend on your new enterprise? That is because the overall size of your budget will have a real impact on which avenue of gaming you should go down. For instance, if you're lucky enough to have a pretty much unlimited bankroll, then you might be happier getting stuck into PC gaming. You'll be able to build your own extremely powerful rig, which is a PC device that is constructed solely for playing games on. This enables ultimate customisation options, meaning you are always fully in control of your hobby.

If your budget is a lot smaller, mind, then you should probably opt for console gaming. Whilst the latest consoles, such as the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, can cost a fair whack of money, they will last for a good number of years. Or, if you'd rather spend a lot less, you can even just plump for the previous generation of consoles, which are now available at seriously reduced prices, especially second-hand. As although the PS4 and Xbox One are now nine-years-old, they still have an immense library of amazing games available to play.

What Games Do You Want to Play?
Speaking of games, knowing which genre of them you want to play should be another thing to consider when choosing between PC or console. The latter is perfect for the sports genre, with a console's controller being the best way to unleash all the virtual sporting action available out there. That's why the main sports' franchises, like FIFA and NBA 2K, sell such stratospheric numbers annually on various consoles. There's also the fighting genre, as well as all the open-world titles, also being particularly adept on these machines.

On the other hand, PC's are much more well-suited to strategy games, such as the Total War franchise; simulation games, like Cities: Skylines; and is the preferred format for die-hard first-person shooter players, with the mouse and keyboard allowing for the ultimate accuracy when playing titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. PC's are also brilliant for online games, with the gambling genre being favoured heavily, due to the exceptional rise in the quality of online casinos.

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What's Your Space Like?
Another massive factor to weigh up when considering between the two, is how much space do you have spare to commit to your new hobby? This is due to the fact that having a gaming PC will take up a lot of room, so you'll definitely need a desk area suitable to station it. However, on the flip side, consoles take up the most miniscule of space, and if you already have a decent TV set-up, then they will just plug into your HDMI input, a power source, and then be ready to play.

If you don't have any space available, and still want to give PC gaming a go, then you should look into purchasing a gaming laptop, as the quality of them has improved massively in the past few years. Just be aware that a good one will still cost more than one of the latest consoles.

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