Beautiful Modern Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

As the trend of entertaining outdoors continues to grow, in North America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere in the world, the demand for long lasting and aesthetically pleasing modern furniture is stronger than ever. As a result, modern outdoor furniture now comes in an array of designs and materials that are sure to add flair and functionality to your outdoor space.

Considering we are well and truly into summer, what better time to get inspired and to keep our love for outdoor living ignited. Here are five modern furniture ideas for your outdoor space that are sure to keep you outside for longer.

For Entertaining

Wicker has long been a cherished addition to outdoor areas, due to its sturdy and mould resistant qualities. And with recent technological advancements, wicker is even more resistant to the natural elements. When considering buying wicker for your outdoor space, consult your nearest mid to high-end modern furniture store and opt for contemporary designs with sleek, elegant and flowing form. This should be quite easy to find due to the growing popularity of mid-century contemporary and modern furniture.

Swing Sofa

Make a Statement

You can't not have that one eye catching piece that stands out from the rest of the furniture, and adds that extra dimension to your outdoor space. Contemporary modern artwork can add a nice ambience whilst entertaining friends and family. A large panoramic piece like the one below can also add a natural element which adds to the feeling of being outdoors. The coloring also maintains the summer vibe meaning the sun never goes down.

Tree Perspex Art

Sipping Cocktails

If you have limited space, then you can't go past a colorful little bistro set. A bistro set can provide the perfect setting for a night filled with cocktails, appetisers and, of course, those intimate chat sessions. Alternatively, it can also provide the perfect setting for that morning coffee with your best friend or close relative. Quite a practical addition to your next outdoor area project.

Tree Perspex Art

For Lazing Around

Your outdoor area doesn't always have to be a social setting. For a lot of people, getting some alone time to relax and reflect on the day's events whilst soaking up sunshine is a lot more appealing. For these people we would recommend a nice sun lounger where they can read their favorite book alongside a nice glass of red to fully unwind. Adding a nice little side table to complement makes lounging in the sun just that little bit more practical.

Fusion Lounger
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