Make Your Home Smell Lovely With the Best Smelling Reed Diffuser Replacement Oil

There's nothing more embarrassing than having guests come over and realizing you forgot to take the trash out. Having a foul smelling abode is a no-no, so make sure your home smells good even if you forgot to do some household chores.

Vanilla, Lavender, Citrus, whatever your desired scent is, we'll tell you where to find it!

Forgetting to take out the trash is one thing, but never forget to replace your reed diffuser oil. Always make sure your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living areas are guest ready with the best smelling reed diffuser replacement oils.

The Candlemakers Store – Coca Cola
Buying a large amount of scented diffuser oil is a good idea for making sure you never run out unexpectedly. The Candlemakers Store offers one of the biggest selection of fragrance oils online for a very low price, so go all out!

They have every scent you can think of from traditional to the more rare. On the list includes Absinthe, Angel Wings, Pina Colada, Cola, Mint, Lilac Blossoms, Sweet Blue Raspberry, Wine & Roses, and more.

One that stands out is the Coca Cola fragrance. Fill your home with that unmistakable fragrance of a cold, crisp coca-cola soda. Fun game: invite guests to guess what scent it is and see if they answer correctly!

We have a special shout out for the Absinthe fragrance oil. How interesting is this scent? This woodsy blend of amber, cinnamon, and fennel will entice you to relax on a chilly winter Sunday.

Pier 1 – Ocean
Get swept away to a tropical coastline vacation with Pier 1's Ocean scented replacement oil.

Change up your usual scent with a fresh beach walk. Best of all, it's a cool blue, which looks good in any room you want to smell like an ocean.

While reed diffuser oil is generally pretty cheap, it's always good measure to mention that you may be able to buy some oils on sale at certain stores. The good news is that this one is from Pier 1, and there are always a ton of Pier 1 promo codes on the web.

Thymes – Frasier Fir
Discover the tranquility you experience when you're in the middle of a beautiful pine forest. Thymes created a reed diffuser refill that will make you feel the relaxation of being in a log cabin away from it all.

Great for any time of the year but especially around the winter months and holidays, put this scent anywhere in your home. It's also a wonderful addition to a cabin style Airbnb or Pacific Northwest type vacation home.

The classic pine fragrance uses notes of siberian fir needles, cedarwood, and earthy sandalwood.

Riley Creek Candle Co. – Love Spell
Do you love the smell of Victoria's Secret Love Spell perfume? So do we.

Thank goodness for Riley Creek Candle Co.'s version of Love Spell fragrance oil.

It's a fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple, and peach, with a “hint of blondewood.” The company says fans report that it smells just like the real deal Love Spell perfume.

Tommy Bahamas – Island Blend
If anyone knows how to make you transcend into a Hawaiian paradise, it's Tommy Bahamas. They offer an oil refill called Island Blend that smells like a trip to a white sand beach.

This reed diffuser oil creates a warm fragrance in the home that smells like Maui Pineapple, Island Mandarin, Cilantro, Tropical Mango, Luscious Papaya, Sea Jasmine, Driftwood, Cedar, and Island Musk.

Grab a class of Tommy Bahamas rum, throw on that Tommy Bahamas Hawaiian shirt, and fill your home with the smell of an island breeze.

Walmart – Calm
With scents of Lemon Grass and Lime, iKOU has created a relaxing reed diffuser scent for refills.

Your home will smell like a lovely burst of energizing citrus in a bamboo forest. This upbeat scent is great for a focused yet tranquil mood. Make your home smell clean and fresh with iKOU diffuser refill oil.

L'Occitane – Clos De Verveine
Have you ever walked into a L'Occitane store? You don't even have to walk in. You only have to walk by to be able to smell the amazing aromas coming from the fragrance shop.

Get that same effect in your own home! L'Occitane offers their reed diffuser refill Clos De Verveine that smells like a “summer evening in a walled garden filled with verbena.” The oil has a lemon scent that perks up everyone in the room.

Use as many reeds as you need to depending on how potent you would like the smell.

L'Occitane is considered a pretty nice shop, so check out the L'Occitane page for CouponCabin and see if you can find a promo code before you checkout to lower that price!

Bigelow – Mediterraneo
With notes of citrus and floral, Bigelow has created Mediterraneo, a wonderful home fragrance reed diffuser refill oil.

The “oldest apothecary in America,” Bigelow dedicates this fragrance to all the great civilizations of Europe, Africa, and Asia. It's a “solar fragrance, original yet versatile, which blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and sparkling tones of green tea.”


Reed Diffusers – Baby Powder
Make your bathroom smell powder fresh by filling up your diffuser with Baby Powder from Reed Diffusers.

Forget candles that need to be lit, simply keep a reed diffuser in your bathroom and enjoy. Your guests will love it!

Hosley – Floral
Instead of flowers that ultimately die quickly, simply keep a good floral diffuser oil in your home and imagine your home is filled with bouquets.

Hosley makes a pink and pretty Gardenia oil that will look great in glass diffuser containers. So, not only does it smell nice, it's decorative as well.

Greenleaf – Lavender
Lavender is best known for relaxation and sleepiness. That's why Greenleaf's Lavender reed diffuser refill is a great choice for lavender lovers.

No blends, no fuss, just lavender. Put this in your diffuser, throw some sticks in, and call it a night.

Get Your Scent On
If you need a refill on your home fragrance oil for your reed diffuser, these are great options for you. From the bright citrusy choices to the romantic, darker scents, you can achieve the in-home atmosphere of your dreams.

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