Landscaping Trends to Consider Implementing in 2019

While the fundamentals of good landscaping tend to hold strong over the years, new ideas spring up from time to time. The rise of innovative technology and multifunctional design are allowing us to enjoy the land around our homes like never before.

With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, now is a better time than ever to elevate your backyard and turn it into the ultimate space for good times with family and friends. If yours is looking a little outdated, here are some modern trends to consider implementing in order to freshen things up.

Separate Areas

Homeowners are becoming increasingly focused on creating multiple living areas in their outdoor spaces. This can include individual gathering spaces, gardens and entertainment areas. In order to delineate these spaces, you can use rows of plants, low walls or different levels of elevation.

Keeping these spaces connected and accessible to each other is also important. This can be done through walkways or paths made of natural stone. Be sure to check out Kafka Granite for their wide range of outdoor landscaping solutions, including not only stylish and modern pathways, but also additional design elements such as boulders and stone veneer.

Secluded Spaces

Continuing on the trend of separate areas, secluded spaces such as a water feature or dining table surrounded by lush vegetation are becoming increasingly popular. The stresses of daily life are making a secluded area to decompress and unwind in an attractive way for families to utilize the outdoor space around their homes.

Extensive Lighting

The growing popularity and accessibility of modern lighting features such as solar and LED options are making lighting an important part of the backyard. The right lighting will not only allow you to spend more time outdoors in the evenings, but will also give your shrubs and trees a completely new look.

Increased Curb Appeal

Making a good impression when it comes to the visual aspects of your home is not only a superficial thing. There’s also great value in doing so for the sake of increasing the value of your home come the time you want to move out. This especially applies to your front yard.

In addition to increasing resale value, improving the look of your front yard also makes your home look more inviting and appealing. And who else should be more important to please than yourself when coming home after a long day of work to a well-maintained, attractive front yard?

Lower Maintenance

With today’s busy schedules, homeowners are putting more value on reducing the amount of work needed to maintain their gardens. There’s an increased emphasis on building a space that is durable and low maintenance while still being attractive. This can be done with slow-growing bushes, perennial planting and increased area allocation for hardscaping.


These trends are clearly in line with modern day life and how we spend our time. There should be an optimal balance between form and function, as well as keeping maintenance to a minimum. Getting this right will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space like never before.

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