Is There a Good Pipe for Beginners?

For the polite society in the world, pipe smoking is the ultimate trademark. This has been an important cultural heritage in most countries and has been a witness to a lot of treaties, meetings, and conversations throughout history. In the modern world, pipe smoking is still a preserved hobby for scholars, thinkers, and traditional aficionados alike. The effect of an aromatic tobacco smoked in a pipe is quite different compared to other alternatives. It gives way to deep contemplation because of the way it can stimulate the brain and senses.

It may look intimidating at first because using a pipe needs a more sophisticated style of smoking. You may want to use pipes that are best suited for beginners.

How to start pipe smoking

In testing out materials, you may want to spend less initially before indulging yourself in buying the luxurious ones. The basic thing you need is a friendly pipe that is more straightforward and easier to use than other pipes. The most common material used is briarwood, which is heat resistant and durable. Clay pipes are best suited for testing out different blends of tobacco because it leaves the unadulterated taste, especially if you do not have a favorite one yet. Although clay ones easily break compared to others, they can last longer, given proper care and handling. Pipes made of cobs have the durability and inexpensiveness that are great for smoking beginners. 

Where to buy supplies

Buying pipe smoking supplies is not as convenient as buying cigarettes. Although there are plenty of suppliers in the market, you could find physical stores in your areas that offer high grade tobaccos with lounges and service rooms where you can have smoke sampling or smoking sessions with your buddies. In buying supplies for your pipe, you can always turn to the internet to point you in the right direction. According to the experts at, there are pipes for all types of purpose and varieties to use as great alternatives and options that can be more suitable for your preferences. Pipes prices range from a few hundred bucks to a thousand dollars depending on the brand and material used.

When would you need a new pipe

Technically, there aren't any pipes intended for beginners. Pipes used by beginners heavily depend on the budget and personal taste. As a beginner, you may want to buy a pipe that would be your staple for a long time to test the waters first or with something more affordable before you splurge on expensive ones. Some people have a vast collection of pipes over the years. As a basic rule, you need a new pipe if what you have is damaged and not working as good anymore. You may just want to have one for every season and that would be okay.

If you want to begin this hobby, you would need to get introduced to pipes more suited to your personality and preference. The tradition of smoking is kept by a few gentlemen, but it is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is intended to be enjoyed in quiet contemplations and conversations instead of merely social conventions. 

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