iOS Lovers will Enjoy These Top 6 Multiplayer Card Games

Do you love playing card games? Who doesn't? Card games are the OG of games, and they took center stage at one point before all the different genres and categories confused you. There weren't any action games or shooting games in the olden days. Only the deck of playing cards kept people's attention engaged.

In recent years, the interest in these games has been renewed as they make their way into the online world. You can find all your favorite card games on different websites or apps. You can easily download and install the applications on your iOS devices and play matches wherever you are. Some even allow you to play with random online opponents or send challenges to your friends and family.

However, there are so many games available that it is easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed. Therefore, to make things easier, here's a compiled list of some of the best iOS multiplayer card games that must find a place on your device. Let's get started!

The Card Table

The Card Table is an online multiplayer card game that showcases a minimalistic feel and a straightforward design. The game plays seamlessly, and there are lots of room for community cards. However, when you are out with your friends, you might not be able to play the cards spontaneously.

The game provides a deck of 52 playing cards and allows you and three of your friends to play any of your favorite games. You will be in charge of the rules like how many cards you wish to deal, how to take turns or how to keep score. If there are any physical card games whose rules you know, you can play the game on The Card Table. There's no need to shuffle. The magic of the game is when someone plays their turn, their pass doesn't go through any server. It goes straight from device to device.

So, quit thinking so much and download this app to start playing your favorite games with your friends.

Cube Solitaire

Cube Solitaire needs no introduction, but you get a multiplayer game when you download and install the Solitaire Cube app. You will be randomly matched with real-life opponents of varying skills and experience levels. Each session lasts for about three to five minutes, and within that time, your goal is to score more than your opponent. There are also 1VN tournaments where you can participate and win cash prizes.

You have to arrange the cards in descending order and belong to the same suit in the game. But the cards must be arranged in alternating colors. Once the cards are arranged, you must transfer them to the foundation deck to earn points. If you think the deck is unsolvable, you can exit early by tapping the submit button.

The trick to winning this game is through proper strategizing. You cannot randomly place the cards wherever you want. Instead, you need to follow the rules and accordingly create relevant sets.

Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards supports iOS and Android. The interface is intuitive and straightforward. Once you open the app, you can understand what needs to be done—the added benefits of points, poker chips, and move history. You have to tap to deal, and up to 4 decks of cards can be shuffled. Thanks to this app, you can remotely play card games with your friends and have a great time. It can be an ideal app for games night with your friends. You need to shake your device to start over.


Trappola might take a while to figure out, but it will be pretty neat once you do. The interface is intuitive and simple. Players get several cards in their hand, and they will disappear or appear as you tilt your phone down and up. The game offers more screen real estate to see all the cards, but you can also see the cards in the communal area. Overall, it is a decent application that keeps you engaged and lets you play your favorite card games with your friends.


Have you ever played the classic game of UNO? If so, you will be happy to know that the game is now available as an app on your iOS device. You can play this game whenever and wherever with your friends or random online opponents. The rules are the same as the physical UNO card game, but now you can play it digitally.

Download and install the app to start playing with your friends or online opponents.

Spades Royale

One card game that is often played during get-togethers is Spades. It is a top-rated card game and one that will keep you engaged for hours. Thanks to the game's online feature, you can play with friends.

In Spades Royale, you can play the card game with online opponents from across the globe. You can also include your faraway friends. The game is entertaining and will help you keep your boredom at bay.

The Bottom Line

These six multiplayer card games on your iOS device are what you need to stay occupied and connected with your friends. Of course, you can play with random online opponents if your friends aren't available. Either way, you will have a great time without leaving your house.

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