How you can make your love of live sports pay

Do you have a passion for watching live sports on television? You and millions of others around the globe. More sports fixtures are now available on TV and live streaming sites than before, and there's a wider range of sports covered than in previous seasons. It is the age of live sports. If you can't attend the stadium to cheer on your team and soak up the atmosphere, then catching the live coverage rates as the next best thing.

There's little better in life to a sports enthusiast than getting comfortable at home with a selection of snacks and drinks at arm's length and watching the best players battle it out for glory. The sport doesn't matter. It could be boxing, football or soccer. The levels of excitement and drama are the same.

So you are set up and ready for the game. You have planned it well and have everything you need. But do you? Millions of sports fans love to ramp up their interest in the play with a bet at sports betting giant Bovada lv.

More reasons to cheer

With the right bet, you could use your love of sports to make a profit and will have two reasons to cheer. One for your team as they claim the victory and another for yourself as you pull in the profits of a winning bet.

It all sounds exciting, but how does it work? Isn't gambling on sports complicated and risky? Don't you have to visit the nearest sportsbook or casino to make your selections? We have called on the help of a sports betting expert to address those questions and more.

In this article, you'll find information on how you can bet from the comfort of your own home, even as you watch the game live, the most popular markets available. There are also details on how you can secure yourself a free bet in time for tonight's big match.

Do I need to visit a bookie?

The joys of modern betting mean there's no need to travel to your nearest bookmaker or casino to place a bet on sports. Do it all from the comfort of your own home or when on the move by registering for an online betting account. It takes just a few minutes to complete, and you can then gamble on a desktop computer or mobile device. You'll see that there are many sports information resources dedicated to offering expert advice on any particular sport. Whether it be basketball, football, or any other sport, you might be tempted to buy points while sports betting. If you're into basketball, for example, you can check sites like Doc's basketball betting tips that help you learn the basics, including buying points and taking care of your bankroll.

All your favourite sports are present and available to gamble on. You can bet pre-game, making predictions before kick-off, or you can bet in-game. The latter allows you to watch the play and get a feel for the tactics, weather, injury news and more. A bet is as exciting in the final few minutes of a game as it was before the start.

How do I place bets?

Placing a bet on your smartphone is quick and easy. Simply log in to your account using your username and password, then click the sport, competition and fixture you wish to gamble on. For example, you could select the American Football tab then the NFL link. There you'll see a list of upcoming games and futures betting markets, like to win the Super Bowl or be crowned MVP.

To pay for your bets, you can deposit funds to your betting account using a debit card like VISA, Mastercard and Maestro or a trusted e-wallet account, such as Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Any winnings made from your bets can be withdrawn by the same method. Transactions are secure, protected by the latest online security measures. This allows you complete peace of mind to enjoy betting.

Can I get a free bet now?

New customers registering for an online betting account for the first time will receive a welcome bonus. This is a promotion designed to drive business and rewards you for choosing one bookie over the competition.

The most popular welcome bonus is a free bet equal to your first deposit. Open an account, deposit a certain amount and use that cash to place a bet on sports. You will then receive a free bet of the same value. This can be used to gamble on sports.

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