How to Write a Winning College Application Essay

Dreaming of going to Oxford or to Cambridge? Well, until you get there, you need to fill up some documents, which means that you need to know how to write a college essay.

The content of the motivation essay for college may vary depending on how each student decides to write it, however, it is important to include the following parts of an essay to make sure the letter will help you be admitted:

– Why do you want to follow the specialization of the faculty you chose?

– What knowledge would you like to acquire from an academic point of view?

– Why do the courses and structure of your specialization match your interests and goals in the long run?

– What educational and extracurricular competencies and activities in the past make you the right candidate?

– What is your professional goal once you graduate?

– Other personal information or comments you consider important in motivating your choice of specialization


Choose a Topic That Will Highlight You

1. The first paragraph of the letter of motivation for college must have the statement in which you present yourself and mention the program or specialization you apply for.

2. The next paragraph of the faculty motivational letter it’s recommended to include information why you want to follow the specialization of your chosen faculty and which are your professional goals in relation to the speciality chosen.

3. The third paragraph of the motivational letter for college should have information about your educational and extra-curricular competencies and activities that can be complemented with those obtained after completing the studies.

4. In the last paragraph, there should be all the points outlined above

Use Your Own Voice

You need to highlight your skills and abilities – some of your most relevant skills that can be correlated with the university program you have chosen. For example, if you want to attend a faculty with specialization in political studies, critical thinking may be an asset. You can also mention other extracurricular activities, such as debate clubs, volunteer programs, or special projects in which you are involved or navigate to to get some clear info regarding this procedure. All you need to do is to create a clear picture of the structure which you need to follow and work on this.

This can be seen as a procedure to “sell” best your profile in the letter of motivation for good colleges. When you write your cover letter for college admission, focus your attention on your strong points and the elements that differentiate you from the other candidates. How can you add value to other students? Members of the committee are looking for motivated and willing candidates to capitalize on their student years, who have plans for the future and who are determined to achieve those goals.


Write the essay

Before starting to write the essay, it's important to find out more about the chosen university program, what kind of courses you have and what other opportunities you can benefit from as a student. Include such details in your letter to show your interest in your specialty. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in the letter’s text and that the text is formatted to look the best on the page. Although these details may seem insignificant, they can make the difference between admitted and rejected, moreover, to have these essay outlines may help you create a strong admission letter.

Answer the question being asked

Most of the time, experts recommend not to go over a page when you are writing your essay. However, communications experts consider that letters should be even shorter – it should be short enough for a person to cross the diagonal in a few seconds. In this case, of course, we do not recommend writing a few lines; but presenting why do you want to go in that specific university succinctly. Although it may be difficult to write your letter of motivation for faculty, use this occasion to characterize you best and to promote yourself in a way that will convince committee members that you are the candidate they are looking for.


Mechanics Matter

Many will think that you don’t need to have a logical, almost mathematical structure to create this essay, but they are wrong. Take this procedure like it’s a mechanic body, and if you miss a small piece, everything falls.

In conclusion, you just need to be creative, to promote your interest in the best way and to convince the others that you will be a perfect candidate for entering to that university. Don’t complicate yourself and don’t give too many details, keep the things simple and for sure you will have the wanted results.

Author's Bio for Jeff Blaylock:
Jeff Blaylock was an evaluator in the admission procedure, and he wanted to give a hand to those who want to finish a prestigious college. The experience in this field has been improved by the fact that he has been a teacher interacting with children who knew how to succeed. Not only that many achieved their dreams, but also, they confirmed Jeff’s advice is pure gold.

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