How to Write When There is a Lack of Inspiration?

Even the most productive and talented writers sometimes lack inspiration. The readers of this article will get to know how to convince themselves to write.

It is tricky to describe what inspiration is. But when someone lacks it, they feel it immediately. Quite often, the inspiration disappears at the least opportune moment. For example, when someone needs to submit an essay at school but feels too tired. The readers of this article will get to know what to do to overcome writer's block. These recommendations are universal and will suit writers with any level of experience.

Ask for Third-Party's Help

This approach has one significant drawback. If the person never writes their essays themselves, they will not learn to do it. But it is ok to resort to third-party help occasionally. This solution also comes in handy when the person is too busy or does not feel well.

A friend or family member can write an essay for them only if they understand how to do it. Ideally, the writer and the person who needs help should be students of the same class. Both know the demands of their teacher and fully trust each other. 

Alternatively, it would be better to try the best essay writing services on the Internet. Experienced professionals know how to write all sorts of papers. Their expertise is high, and they always meet the deadlines.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Those who decide to write the essay themselves should be calm and concentrated. They should be alone in the room, and there should be silence around them. The room needs to be clean and well-ventilated. The writer should not feel hungry, sleepy or thirsty. They should not be stressed or in a hurry. Maybe, they would switch off their smartphones and desktop messengers.

Write the First Sentence

Often, the essence of the writer's block boils down to this problem. The person cannot start writing because they fail to focus. They find pretexts to do something else instead. They invent urgent tasks that they allegedly need to finish right now.

In this case, they should use a psychological trick. The first sentence they write does not need to be literally the first. It might be a phrase from the middle of the text. Or it might be a draft that they will erase or correct later. It will give them the necessary impulse and set them in the mood for writing. 

Some authors say that paradoxes, jokes, and absurdity help them to overcome writer's block. For example, they need to talk about the famous ABC company. So they write, “ABC is no good at all. It does not deserve its status. Its products are disgusting!”. Weirdly enough, after such statements, their brain starts to offer arguments in favor of ABC. So they delete initial phrases and keep writing normally.

Put Down the Structure of the Text

When the author has a plan, it is easier for them to write. Without a plan, the task might seem too challenging. The writer might not be sure of what to start with and how to come to the right conclusion.

It is not necessary to write the text sequentially. The author can begin with any part of the plan. They might create the conclusion first and the introduction last. 

It would be wise to start with the simplest parts. When the author finishes them, they will feel happy and confident. One half of their work is already done! This will motivate them to handle the most difficult passages more efficiently.


A person who lacks inspiration should work in sprints. For instance, they write quickly and productively for 15 minutes non-stop. Then, they relax for 15 minutes. 

During the break, they can do anything:

  • Grab a bite
  • Paint their nails
  • Do physical exercises
  • Listen to their favorite music
  • Check their email
  • Just walk around the room

When they have a rest, they should not think about their work. They should not reread their text or check any news sources related to writing. Their brain should temporarily forget about the essay. They need to prepare their mind for the next sprint.


Apart from the text that the writer is working on, they should open a second file. There, they should save their side notes. They might have thoughts that do not fit into the main text right away. But they can come back to these ideas later. Probably, they will modify them and find a new place in the essay for them. 

Even those thoughts that will not be included in the text can be useful. They can bring about valuable associations. They can help the writer to look at the problem from another angle.

Always Keep on Reading

People who read a lot rarely lack inspiration. They come across many ideas, concepts and opinions. Their brain is fine-tuned for consuming and producing good texts.

The more diverse books and articles they read, the better. This will enable them to embrace different styles and genres. They should find time for newspaper articles, novels, poems, and non-fiction. And of course, they should read books on improving one's writing skills.

Save Drafts and Ideas

This advice is precious for those who write essays regularly. Sometimes, a nice idea would dawn on the writer when they least expect it. They might get inspiration when jogging, cooking, or taking a shower. They should put down their ideas in a notepad or save them in digital format. Later on, they will rely on this list when they need to generate writing ideas.

Some people prefer to keep such documents well-structured. They create an Excel file where they categorize and prioritize thoughts. For others, this approach does not work. They put down miscellaneous thoughts and phrases. When they reread these notes, it triggers their creativity.


Lack of inspiration is a common problem among writers. It is not identical to laziness. Fortunately, it is easy to overcome it. For some people, just one recommendation from this article would be enough to start writing productively. The more experience the writer gains, the more tricks they will learn to combat this trouble.

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