How to Take Care of a Gold Chain

Gold jewelry are the accessories we choose the most frequently when we want to accomplish an effortlessly brilliant look. The reason for it is simple, gold always looks neat and shiny and is able to add the image of a smart and polished flair. But what is the secret behind gold's popularity? That's not really a secret, just the physical and chemical properties of the metal. Due to the malleability of gold, it's easy to work with creating jewelry, the shine and color makes the metal flashy and noticeable, its resistance to rust, tarnish and corrosion makes it a good option for jewelry to last a lifetime. But it still needs proper care to maintain its luster, that's why we've decided to focus on the ways to do that right and safely here.

As the chain necklaces make probably the major quantity of the gold jewelry, let's learn how to provide the maintenance for different chain styles, as some designs make it easier to clean the jewelry, and others are rather troublesome to deal with. For the sake of convenience, we're going to start from chains that are easy to take care of and move to the ones that require more effort.

So, out of all the styles of men's chains the Figaro probably has the simplest construction. It is also loved by women, as they just couldn't leave such nice jewelry to the men only. The pattern displays the one long oval link followed by few smaller round ones, creating a simple but catchy design. Men value the Figaro chain for this exact reason. It's as easy to implement the necklace into the style, as to maintain and clean it. There are no difficulties reaching any part of the chain as the connection of the links is simple and rather loose.

Next comes the Gucci chain. Though looking intricate, the pattern is actually simple and consists of oval links with a vertical bar inside. It frequently looks quite massive and its glamorous shine really is impressive. But to keep it shiny and appealing you need to treat it right. The good thing is it's not that hard to do, as the links are usually large enough to allow you to reach all the dirty spots.

The gold Cuban link chain is a legendary necklace famous all over the world. Its iconic style remains among the hottest fashion trends since the 1970s. Imagine having the 50+ years old vintage Cuban chain necklace in ideal state. The maintenance of that jewelry masterpiece should've been of the top quality. It's one of the most popular chain necklaces with the most famous design of flat twisted intertwined oval links. The jewelry that is able to spice even the simplest outfit deserves some respect, especially considering that its maintenance doesn't require much trouble.

And now we're moving to the gold chains that are a bit more complicated in their designs, and as a result in cleaning. The box chain represents a highly polished and shiny necklace with a geometric pattern that looks rather simple. The strict edges and straight lines provide the chain with a perfect neat appearance, but they can make the cleaning though not too complicated, but longer, that's for sure. The surface of the links is usually so shiny that it can easily be mistaken for a diamond chain from afar, clearly enough the box chain needs proper maintenance to preserve it. In order to achieve the effect, you'll need to carefully clean each and every corner of the chain, and it takes patience.

The rope chain is also a well-known classic of chain necklaces. The jewelry is famous for its hypnotizing pattern that consists of numerous links interlocked to form a resemblance of a twisted rope, and its distinctive brilliance. Each of the great number of the chain's links is polished to provide shine to the necklace, creating the impression of the mild inner light. It's hard to reach every one of the links, but the result is worth it.

The exquisite and intricate Franco link chain is the four-sided necklace with the peculiar V-shaped pattern. It's unique, as the construction of the chain allows it to display two different ornaments depending on the side the chain is showing. The links of the Franco chain are set really tight together in order to achieve the ornament and the strength the chain is also known and valued for. But the connection of the links also makes it difficult to physically get to the places that can gather the dirt. Though, that's not the good enough reason to stop you, is it?

But how exactly should we deal with gold chains that require cleaning? We know several ways and are ready to share them with you. But before we start, here's a warning: some solutions may cause harm to delicate or already damaged or scratched items, so you might want to take them to the jeweler for maintenance instead, otherwise the further experiments are up to you.

  1. This goes for the gold chains with slight dirt or grime. Take a bowl of warm water with club soda and add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Put your chain in and wait for up to 15 minutes. Take a q-tip or a soft brush and carefully clean the chain with it. Use light strokes if you've opted for a brush. It'll help you get even between the links of the chain. Rinse the jewelry with clean warm water. If you're going to do the cleaning over the sink, it's better using a strainer or blocking the drain to prevent the chain from falling. Finally, dry the jewelry with the soft cloth and enjoy the shine.
  2. For the gold chain that is considerably dirty, you may try using the solution of rubbing alcohol and water in proportions of 50/50. Dip the jewelry into it and wait for a few minutes. Wipe it with a soft cloth. The method should make your chain not only clean but also disinfected.
  3. You'll need a soft cloth and beer for this method. Any beer should do except for the dark ale. Pour some of it onto the cloth and rub lightly all the links and between. Soft toothbrush or a q-tip can also help, but let all the rubbing be gentle. Rinse the chain with the clean water and wipe it to avoid the smell of beer.
  4. The classic method of using toothpaste is the most famous and favorite on the Internet, it seems. Apply a dot of the toothpaste on a soft toothbrush and scrub lightly over the chain. When you're done, thoroughly rinse it under warm water and dry with a soft cloth. The chain should be as good as new.

Now that you know how to take care even of the most intricate and tricky style of the gold chain, we may rest assured that your perfect look won't be spoiled with dirty or dull jewelry and that you'll shine just as bright as your clean gold necklace.

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