How to Prepare for Your Hiking Trip This Spring

While we love the winter here in Canada, we also secretly breathe a sigh of relief when it ends. As the snow melts away, giving way to spring, we can't help but feel excited about outdoor activities. There's plenty to do in any province in the warmer weather, from barbecues to just enjoying a good walk.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited some of the activities that are safe to do in the country. However, you can always go for a hike and enjoy the great outdoors safely and in isolation alone or with a loved one.

Here are some ways you can prepare for your fun hiking trip this spring:

1. Buy the Right Clothing

Buying new clothes is one of the most fun parts of preparing for a season of hiking. Your clothes must be strong, durable, comfortable, cover your whole body, and protect you from bugs, stones, rocks, water, and more. You'll need hiking boots or shoes, thick socks, a good pair of jeans, a few shirts, a light jacket, and a hat. Thankfully, you don't have to break the bank when you shop smart. For example, you can go through Mark's Work Wearhouse flyers to find most items you need at good prices.

2. Carry the Right Tools

Besides the proper clothing, you should have a sturdy and reliable backpack that's easy to wear and carries all your hiking tools. Of course, nowadays, you can even find high-tech backpacks that are light, water-resistant, eco-friendly, and have USB charging ports, lots of storage space, multiple compartments, and anti-theft locks.

You should keep the following items in your backpack for your hike:

  • Compass and map to help you navigate in case you need a backup for your smartphone.
  • Knife for defence or cutting
  • Swiss army knife or any other multi-tool to open cans of food or repair items
  • Lots of water for your entire journey
  • Enough food to last you the trip
  • Snacks that energize you
  • First aid kit for emergencies
  • Insect repellent to keep the bugs away
  • Camping gear if you plan to stay overnight
  • Sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun
  • Sunscreen to keep your skin safe from harmful rays
  • Small umbrella if you don't like getting soaked.

3. Look Up the Route

Study the route if you've never taken the tail before. You can ask friends for tips and join hiking groups on social media pages for advice and reviews. Recognize your limits and only take on as much as you can. For example, if the journey requires the energy of Usain Bolt, you may want to try another trail.

Likewise, check the weather before you go. It's a good idea to hike under sunny skies and avoid a downpour unless you're the lost child of an Atlantean.

4. Respect Nature

Please respect nature while on your trip and avoid unnecessary encounters with wildlife resulting in dangerous situations. Keep an eye on your surroundings and learn how to deal with a bear, bobcat, coyote, or snake. If you're hiking with your pet, keep them on a tight leash to keep them safe. Stay calm and patient and back away slowly from wild animals.

While you must be excited about your hiking trip, take the time to prepare. With the right gear, research, and attitude, you can have a memorable journey in the heart of nature.

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