How to Play Blackjack Online: Step by Step Guide

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games—it's easy to play, and you'll only need a few minutes to grasp its rules. This is a step-by-step guide to help you start playing and winning Blackjack. But first, let's explain the rules of Blackjack, shall we?

Blackjack Rules

Dealer Must Stand on 17 and Draw to 16

The dealer must pull cards to the value of their hand by striking or standing. The only exception is that blackjack regulations severely limit the dealer's movements.

When the Soft 17 rule is used at a table, the dealer must play as provided their hand value is 17 or less. When the dealer's hand value exceeds 16, they must hold until the end of the gaming round.

Double on Any 2 Cards

Even while you have the opportunity to double down, you should be aware that at tables, you may only do so with the first two cards given to you. You can't take more cards in that hand after you double down and get your third card.

However, if you decide to play by the standard approach, you will be recommended to only double down on cards that supposedly have a higher chance of increasing your payoff.

No Re-Split

You can double your original hand into two if you have two similar cards or value in a blackjack game. By doing this, you may participate in two different games throughout one game round. While most physical casinos permit players to re-split the same hand, this is not permitted in online casinos because the tables are smaller than average.

Split Aces

In the hopes of receiving a card with a ten-value, you could choose to divide a hand of two Aces. Under the blackjack guidelines, you can only draw one card on every split ace. 

Since your initial hand wasn't natural, to begin with, it doesn't payout a blackjack if the following card you pull is a K, Q, J, or 10. However, you would receive even money if your hand value were 21.

No Double After Split

While players can typically double down after splitting their hands at casinos, this is less usual while playing Blackjack online.


The No-Peek rule is not played in one specific method while playing Blackjack online. In some settings, the dealer only pulls one card at the beginning of each round of play. The dealer will pull another card after a player makes their first move. All players will lose their bet if the dealer's hand is a natural.

Insurance Pays 2:1

You'll be granted insurance If the dealer's top card is an Ace in case the dealer pulls a ten. This protects you if the dealer has a blackjack and you lose all you bet.

If the dealer draws a blackjack, you must pay half of your previous wager for insurance, but you'll be rewarded 2:1 instead. The gamer loses their insurance bet and must continue playing the rest of the rounds if the dealer does not draw a card with a ten-value.

Blackjack pays 3:2

Blackjack payouts for regular wins are 1:1, meaning your wager is fully returned. But some tables pay 3:2 if you hit a blackjack, giving you ₹300 for each ₹200 staked.

How to Play Blackjack, step-by-step

The procedures may vary with the betting site you use. Some good online betting sites like Parimatch can offer even better deals when you play on their sites. So, try Parimatch play blackjack online games today and stand a chance of winning big.

Here are the simple steps of how to play Blackjack:

Place your bet

You can place a bet of any value; the range from online betting sites is from INR 5 to INR 10,000.

Get Cards

You will be given two cards. When you play the live dealer, the dealer will hand you cards; the software will issue your cards when playing the RNG.

The dealers must show their opponents one of their cards at this stage.

Place a side bet

After getting your cards, it's time to place a side bet on things such as combinations and shades. You can win 35 times your stake amount and place bets; for instance, if you stake ₹10, you could earn ₹350. This is a great approach to improve your chances of winnings significantly.

Insurance is the most critical side bet; it's only accessible if the dealer's starting card is an Ace and pays you 50% of your original stake. You get your insurance advantage if the dealer receives a blackjack.

Decide When to ‘Hit'

You may press the “hit” button and draw more cards to raise your hand value. However, you may lose your stake if you overindulge.

Ensure your hand value is good; if it surpasses the requirement of 16 or 17, consider if you're ready to take a risk. This is the essential element of the online blackjack game; it determines if you win or lose.

Make a ‘Stand'

Hit “stand” whenever you’re ready to play. Since you won't be getting more cards from the dealers, they'll know that this is your last hand, and you plan to play with it.

Know your opponent's hand

You need to analyze your dealer's hand after making your stand. And since they show you the value of their initial card, you should then evaluate mine their hand. Keep in mind that no casino sites will hit a hand if they have a value of 16 or 17; therefore, your winning opportunities are pretty good if you have a high-value hand.

The outcome

You'll win if your card value equals 21 or more than the dealers. However, you'll lose your bet to the dealer if their cards' total is more than 21 or their value is higher than yours.

In Summary

While this guide will help you start your playing journey on the right foot, you must choose your betting site carefully. Parimatch is one of the leading online betting sites that allows you to play Blackjack.

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