How to Make a Successful Sport Bet Online

2020 was a massive year for online gambling and 2021 is set to follow suit. Research suggests that the industry grew a whopping 13.2% last year and by 2023 the market could reach a value of $92.9 billion.

One of the strongest sectors in the online gambling world is sports betting. Across the world the practice is becoming increasingly prevalent. Britain is an example of one place that make millions of dollars in tax revenue from gambling every year.

If you want to jump on the sports betting hype train but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. Below we have provided novice bettors with everything they need to know to get started. This includes information on choosing a reliable sportsbook, selecting your bets and deciding whether or not to trust tipsters.

Choosing Your Sportsbook

The first thing you need to do before you begin betting online is research and choose a sportsbook. There are more factors that should influence your decision than you may think as well.

The first thing to note is that competition for new players is fierce. To stand out, most if not all betting sites will offer enticing welcome bonuses. These vary over the course of the year, but typical examples include free bets, deposit bonuses and cashback if you lose your first bet.

These deals tend to get more lucrative when major sporting events are on, as this is when competition for new users is at its hottest. Before settling on an offer, make sure you understand the fine print and what exactly happens when you win.

Of course, a sign up offer is not the only thing that you should be thinking about before signing up to a sportsbook. Checking for a license from the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority or other reputable governing body should also be high on your wish list. Security credentials are important as is customer service. A good way to check the latter is by sending the sportsbook a message and see how quickly they respond.

Common Bets & Live Betting

The most common market you will find at a sportsbook is outright winner/loser, who is available for most sports. Here, you are simply trying to predict which team or individual will win a one-off sporting event. This market is well-suited to when you think you have spotted a potential upset.

There are plenty of other pre-match markets to select from with football offering the most choice. Possibilities include betting on the first/last goal scorer, the exact score line and whether or not both teams will score.

Over the past decade or so, live betting has emerged as well. This allows players to bet on sporting events as they are going on. Odds for these markets are dynamic, meaning they will update depending on what is happening in the match itself.

Research is Key

After selecting a reliable sportsbook and claiming your sign-up offer, it is time to place a bet. Before doing so, research is vital. With thousands of different markets to choose from you are best to focus on sports you already have an interest in.

However, even if you consider yourself a self-taught expert in your chosen field, ten minutes of statistics-based research can still increase your chances of being successful. For instance, if you are betting on a big boxing match, you should check out both fighters’ previous records on BoxRec.

Meanwhile, there are similar resources online that can help you with your football betting. As well as checking each team's form going into the contest, 11v11 allows you to easily check the pair’s head-to-head record. In depth stats, beyond the normal goals and clean sheets can also be found on FbRef. Similar services can be found for most sports markets and using these stats is key if you want to make a successful bet.

Betting Tipsters

Another way to increase your chances of having a successful sports bet is by following the predictions of reputable betting tipsters. Across the overwhelming majority of sports, there are people who provide punters with predictions.

Although there is no guarantee of success, these tips are often based on expert knowledge and many years of experience. For this reason, they can be helpful in at least helping you to get an idea of what you want to bet on that day. As ever, these tips should always be supported with plenty of your own research.

How to Make a Successful Sports Bet

So, how do you make a successful sports bet? First thing, pick a reliable sportsbook. Do this and you will not experience any unnecessary distractions when selecting your bets. After this you must research, research and then research some more. Whether you are betting on a pre-game or live market, knowing your stuff can often be the difference between success and failure. As well as this, you can also consider using a reliable betting tipster to aid your selections.

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