How to Learn to Ride the Waves Easily

We've all always been in awe of the sea and how vast, beautiful and often intimidating it can be. Being close to it brings us closer to nature and reminds us of how small we are. Many have gone a step further and challenged themselves to overcome this vast unknown by learning how to ride the waves. If surfing is something that has amused you for a while, it's probably time for you to stop watching and start taking on the challenge yourself. We've made a little guide on how you can easily ride the waves as you begin your journey into self-discovery through the most satisfying and addictive sport there is out there.

Find a professional to guide you

The first thing you want to do is look around for surf schools and instructors. This is something you need to take your time with because you need to be working with a person or people that you can communicate with comfortably and that you have an understanding with. In areas where surfing is more popular, take California for example, you'll find that there are seasoned and reliable surf schools available. The trainers at Santa Barbara Surf School provide a couple of options when it comes to classes. You want to be able to rely on the people who are going to guide you as you learn how to surf, so it helps to have a surf school that has people who know what they're doing, make you feel at ease, and are always there to support you to help you understand and learn how to ride the waves.

Become a better swimmer

If you're going to take on the waves, regardless of what kind of waves they are, you're going to have to start off by becoming a much better swimmer than you are right now. You have to remember that swimming in the ocean is different than swimming in a pool- the weight of the water and the forces working against you are completely different. You have waves coming at you, you have to be alert and aware of any rocks that might be beneath you, and the wind can sometimes be quite heavy as well. The best way to prepare for this is to get more serious about how often you swim. You should also consider joining a gym or creating a workout routine that gives your body more strength. You're going to need more strength when it comes to your physical body, as well as your cardio.

Understand how the waves work

To really be able to ride the waves easily as you surf, you really need to do your homework. What this means is that you have to do your research along with properly observing the waves every time you go to the beach. Understand how wind direction and strength affect wave formations, along with temperature and the weather as well. By doing so, you'll have an easier time not only understanding how the waves work, but also how best to ride different waves of different kinds. 

Get the right board

The kind of board you have can really make or break the surfing experience for you. This is why it's crucial to have the right board for the right kind of water, waves and level of surfing that you are at as well. If you get this right, you'll see how easily you transition from one level to the next. 

Work on your balance

To ride any wave easily, you have to really hone in on your balancing skills. The best way to do this is to practice, of course. And practice isn't only exclusive to the waves- you can work on your balancing skills all the time. You can take up skateboarding, which will do wonders for your balance, or you can even goto a surf park- water parks that generate waves where you can consistently practice your surfing and balancing skills.

If there was ever a sport to take on that really spoke to the heart, then without a doubt, it is surfing. While watching it, it feels like it's all smooth sailing, in reality, it does take quite a bit of work to master the art of riding a wave easily. If you take the advice mentioned here and follow it, and really give the time to practicing as often as you possibly can, you'll be able to transition from beginner to pro in no time, and really master riding any kind of wave at any time.

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