How to Incorporate Numerology into Your Daily Life

We all use numbers and mathematics in our daily lives but they also govern the laws of the universe and can have a direct impact on our daily lives. Numerology is the mystical study of numbers and how they can impact and even guide your life. The first step in discovering how numerology can impact your life is by finding your life path number. Once you've figured out your life path number you can now find out which cosmic characteristics you possess based on numerological mysticism. Once your life path number reveals what characteristics and purposes you have in life you can now use these as a spiritual guide to obtaining enlightenment in your life. This article will go over the basics of numerology and how you can use it to benefit yourself in your daily life.

How to Find your Life Path Number

Just like your horoscope your birth date provides you with your very own numerology life path number. If you're wondering what is your life path number you can calculate it with a simple calculator. The first step in calculating your life path number is by adding up each individual digit of your birthday. So if your birthday is 06/15/1993 you first have to add up all these numbers (6 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3) to get the number 34. However, your numerology number has to be one digit so you have to take your initial sum (34 in this example) and add up its digits (3 + 4) to get your life path number of 7. This number will reveal your strengths, weaknesses, talents, and even your purpose in life. 

The Characteristics of Your Life Number 

Now that you've figured out your life path number you can now discover your inner strengths and weaknesses as well as your purpose in life. Each life path number has different characteristics and you can find out more about each number online or in books but this paragraph will go over an example based on the life path number of 7. If your life path number is 7 then you are quite the perfectionist and will be skeptical of many things you encounter through your path in life. 

This number is also quite analytical, detail-oriented, and is always looking to acquire knowledge of the world. This means that if your life path number is 7 you'll be a lifelong learner and your journey in life will surround collecting knowledge of the world as opposed to creating things physically. These characteristics just scratch the surface of the depth of the inner numerological personality and destiny of people with the life path number of 7, looking deeper into this number can reveal other strengths you may not have previously noticed or even compatibility requirements for true love.

Apply Numerological Knowledge to Life

After you've looked into the characteristics and goals surrounding your life path number you can now apply some of that knowledge to everyday life. For instance, since life path number 7 corresponds with inherent skepticism about information and events in life this may not be the reality of what actually occurred. Now that you are aware of this innate characteristic you can now learn to offset by trying to be more open to events and ideas so you can have more cosmic balance in your day to day activities. 

The number 7 is also very analytical and often requires quantifiable facts or evidence to come to conclusions so if you find this causes issues in your day to day life you may want to avoid over-analyzing events or basing decisions in pure facts and rely more on your intuition and feelings. Your life path number can also help dictate which sort of career you'll be most fulfilled in, for instance, the life path number 7 corresponds with a search for wisdom and a strong affinity for analysis so a career in research or even as a detective could be very suitable for you. If you need trouble applying numerology to your own life you can always go see a numerology mystic for guidance. 

Numerology was first discovered by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras and has provided spiritual insights and guidance for people for thousands of years. To start your investigation into your inner numerological characteristics you first have to calculate your life path number. After calculating this number you can go and see what inner personality traits and destinies surround this number. Finally, after you've looked into and analyzed these cosmically guided traits and life paths you can now apply this knowledge to benefit your day to day life. The universe runs on laws which all affect people in their day to day lives, the more you understand these laws the better you can follow your path to inner happiness and enlightenment.  

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