How to Find a Model Number of a Luxury Watch? Serial Numbers and Model Numbers are Two Different Things!

The experience of being able to wear a luxury watch is quite unique and therapeutic. You will often find yourself staring at the watch for a good time. It is hard to resist from not looking at a luxury watch and especially if it is an zenith el primero chronomaster. The Zenith watches have made quite a name for themselves in the competitive 21st century. All the luxury watches last for a very long period of time, but all of them also need servicing for their maintenance and long run. Whenever you give away your luxury timepiece for its service, you will need certain details to claim the service. One of them is a model number, and users often struggle with finding it. Big thank you to the power of the internet and blogging because we even have articles written on such matters.

A model number of any watch is a unique number that is either engraved on the watch or on the storage box. If looked at this from the manufacturer's perspective then this helps them in differentiating the various models that they manufacture. All the watches of the same variant will have the same model number attached to them.

These are the three things that will help you in finding your model number of a luxury wristwatch:

  • Warranty Card – All the luxury watches do come with a specified warranty period. The period of the warranty is predefined and to make the functioning better of such tasks warranty cards are given. A typical warranty card will definitely have the model number mentioned along with the other notable details.
  • Papers – The seller must have given you the papers of the watch after the purchase. These papers include every single detail that is concerned with that particular watch that you bought. There are specific details mentioned on such papers, and model number details will be clearly one of them. However, it is important for you to know that watch companies do not have a standard name or a term for recognizing a model number. Some of the manufacturers also refer to them as reference numbers. So, it would be better for you to be informed about the term that your watch company uses for recognizing a model number.
  • The case of the Watch – There are companies who prefer to print the model numbers directly on the storage box or on the watch's case. It depends completely on the wish and policies of the company on how they choose to print the model numbers on the watches which are manufactured by them.

Some of the common mistakes that people make while looking for a model number:

  • Serial numbers are different from the model numbers. The latter ones are not unique whereas the first ones are.
  • A bill number is also different from the model number. Just because there are 10-12 digits printed on a bill, watch case, or on a watch doesn't necessarily mean that it is a model number.
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