How to Effectively Paraphrase in a Research Paper

At one point during your writing career, you have had to rephrase a sentence or several others. If you haven't ever, read this article to find out how to effectively use paraphrases when the need arises. You get answers to questions such as “What is a paraphrase?” and learn about paraphrase criterion.

What is a paraphrase?

Paraphrasing is the act of expressing the meaning of a word or the meaning of words using different words either in speech or in writing, to achieve clarity. Rephrase, reword, rewrite, and rehash are synonyms which all describe the term “paraphrase”.  Often, you find students online going through in a bid to understand key aspects of paraphrasing for free. If you need more information when writing an article or paper, there is a database for that. It is critical to learn how to paraphrase because it is very useful for essay writing, writing of research essays and other writing tasks.

Benefits of paraphrasing

Whether you are writing an academic paper on any subject or conducting research on a variety of topics, there are several benefits of paraphrasing effectively. The first benefit is that it saves space and makes the writing straightforward.

The next advantage is that it is one of the surest ways to avoid plagiarism during writing. Finally, it makes complex information which is usually found in essays and papers simple and easy to understand. Master these points, and you will master how to paraphrase effectively.

How to use a paraphrase in a research paper?

Paraphrase can be used in different ways when writing. It can be used when borrowing a quote from essays online. It can be used when replacing synonyms. It can also be used for citations. Here are the ways by which you can effectively paraphrase when writing a research.

Changing parts of speech

This typically involves replacing the parts of speech, which are either in the source paragraph or the source text with new parts of speech. Research papers can be easy to write if you understand how to use this particular approach, and they can also be challenging to write if you do not know how to use them.

Parts of speech like adverbs, nouns, verbs, and adjectives are replaced as the rephrasing is done. An example in a sentence would be something like this: “The man quickly walked into the bank to make his first deposit.” The paraphrase of this sentence will be “The man hastily his first deposit when he got to the bank.”

Reducing or eliminating clauses

Most topics, essays used as samples when writing can sound confusing because of excess clauses. The disadvantage of excess clauses in a written piece is that the piece may sound quite interruptive. To make the piece clearer, it is mandatory to reduce or eliminate these clauses for clarity sake.

An example in a sentence would be like this: while it must be stated and maintained that poverty is the root cause of Africa's problems, I also must include insecurity. The rephrased sentence would be. Poverty and insecurity are the root causes of Africa's problem.

Change of sentence structure

Sentence structure is what distinguishes a term paper and an essay. To rephrase or rewrite either of them, you will need to change the sentence structure to ensure readability. Changing a sentence structure can demand that you change from active voice to passive voice or from passive to active. When paraphrasing all you need to do is to make the object of the sentence, the subject or vice versa, and you are good to go.

An example of this in a sentence can be: guns were used in the attack by the police. The paraphrase will be the police used guns for the attack.

Replace a synonym with another

This kind of paraphrasing is one of the frequently used in writing. It is simple and straightforward and easy to apply. Here words are replaced with their synonyms (similar words to them). In some cases, this makes the sentence shorter and easy to understand while in others, it helps prevent plagiarism alone.

An example may look like this: The goals of the project are achievable and sustainable. The rephrased or rewritten sentence will be: The objectives of the project are achievable and sustainable.

It is important to note that there are several rules to follow when rewording or rehashing a Sentence. It is important to understand the sample before you rehash. Next, you need to use your words when rewriting to avoid plagiarism. Finally, ensure that you compare both texts to ensure that the ideas are similar, but the words are different.

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