How to Choose the Next Movie That You Need to Watch

Who doesn't love to watch a good movie? It's a great way to unwind after a long day, whether you want to relax with something easy or silly or get on the edge of your seat with a high-octane thriller, there is something for everyone … maybe these days too much. Thanks to the sheer amount of choices available and the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ bringing us new releases every day, it's impossible trying to whittle down the choices and picking one that will be right for you. As such, this article will discuss the best methods you can implement in order to choose your next watch.

Pick a Decade
One of the best ways that you can straight away whittle down your choices is by picking a decade to watch from. This is a really efficient way to limit yourself when it comes to choice as then when you are researching, you are looking through a specific period of time rather than throughout all of cinematic history. You will also find that there are articles specifically dedicated to movies within a particular decade, for example, Purple Revolver recently did a piece about the best 90s' movies that you need to watch that included the likes of Fight Club and Men in Black (click here for more of their choices).

Read Film Criticism
Checking out different film reviews is a very effective way that you can choose a movie because you will be able to get insight into the quality of the movie you are considering. Due to the fact that the internet now allows everybody to voice their opinion on near enough anything, there is no shortage of film reviews either. Head over to sites such as IMDB and you will be able to get a lot of insight into different movies. It may well be what someone didn't like about a movie is what you are looking for, for instance big car chases and extravagant action scenes, so taking the time to see what others are saying can be incredibly productive.

Consider the Setting You Will be Watching it In
The amount that you will enjoy a movie will depend massively on how it caters to the mood of the setting you are in. Will you be watching the film on a train journey on your phone screen? If so, a big blockbuster with awe-inspiring effects might not be the best shout. Alternatively, if you are having a romantic night in with your partner, a horror filled with loud noises and shocking scenes may not be the way to go. You will narrow down your choices if you cater said choice to whatever setting you will be watching in.

Choosing a movie to watch these days can be an exciting prospect due to the massive amount of choice that is available; however, for the same reasons, it can also be an incredibly stressful activity. If you stick to the above rules, then you should be able to pick the right movie for you with ease.

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