How to Choose an Online Psychic 

If you are interested in getting a psychic reading, for example, a tarot card reading, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of good online psychics, so you don't need to let social distancing stand between you and the reading you want!

Receiving a tarot reading online rather than in person doesn't really make any difference to the effectiveness of the reading, with online psychics more than capable of drawing cards on your behalf and interpreting them to provide insights, predictions, and answers to the questions you are most interested in. However, not all online psychics are equal, and so it is well worth shopping around to find someone who comes highly recommended and is known for offering a professional, fair-priced service.

What About Free Tarot Reading Sites?

Before we look at how to choose a good online psychic, it is worth discussing the free tarot reading sites and apps that are out there. These are more like interactive programs where you choose cards, and the site tells you the interpretations of these cards. These can be fun to play with, and an interesting resource if you are trying to learn to read the cards yourself. However, it is really just an automated version of drawing cards for yourself and looking up their meanings in a book. It may be interesting, but if you want a reading that feels less vague and more tailored to your individual questions, it is far better to have your cards drawn and interpreted by an experienced expert who is reading for you in a one-on-one session.

Checking Reviews

Like any other online business, psychics need to bring in customers in what can be quite a busy market. This means that testimonials on their own sites may not give the full picture of what their clients thought of their experience with them. This doesn't make them shady – it's only natural for any business to post only its most glowing recommendations on its website – but it does mean that if you want to get a sense of whether a given online psychic provides a good service, you will want to look for reviews on more neutral websites. As an example, you can visit Top10 to find an impartial review of the Online Psychic Network by BitWine.

When you are a savvy consumer, reading reviews on comparison sites, Googling the names of the websites or psychics you are considering, or looking them up on social media, should reveal more in terms of genuine customer experiences than looking on the psychic's website itself.

Consider What You Are Looking For

Different psychics have different ways of doing things, and it is worth thinking about what kind of experience you want while you are searching for potential psychics to consult with. Are you interested solely in a tarot reading, or would you prefer someone who will also consider your astrological chart in their reading? Do you want a psychic who specializes in a certain type of reading, for instance, love-related readings? Maybe you don't want tarot at all and would rather have someone read Celtic runes for you. There are so many different services that fall under the psychic arts that you can afford to have preferences and will still be able to find an online psychic who can give you the experience you want.

Do They Have Any Demonstrations Online?

These days, some psychics do live readings on YouTube or Twitch, and so it may be possible to watch back some of these and get a feel for how they interact with the people they are reading for, and also how their readings tend to go. Not everybody does this, but it can be worth checking to see if a psychic you are considering has a YouTube channel or if they stream. This can give you a great way to get to know them and decide whether you think you would gel well with them before you book a reading. It can also be quite interesting to watch psychics giving real readings live!

Personal Recommendations

Another tip if you are looking for an online psychic is simply to ask around among your friends or in social media groups. People from all walks of life consult with psychics for all kinds of reasons – whether it's just for fun or out of curiosity, or whether they are strongly interested in things like tarot and astrology. You may well find you know someone either in real life or online who can give you a solid personal recommendation for a good psychic they have used themselves.

There are plenty of great online psychics out there, and when you've found yours, make sure you leave a review to help other people looking for readings in the future!

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