How the Greatest Divas of Our Century Came to Be

The term Diva has over time evolved; in the past, it described women who were virtuous singers then, later on, people used the word as an insult to women. In the 20th century, a Diva is a woman who knows what she wants, and she makes an effort to get it. The women in the new century who are deemed worthy of the title are currently superstars. Originally, the term diva referred to a female deity who was cherished for her talents. Either way, if you love them or hate them, our current divas get their things done through whatever means. We will look at how the greatest of them all came to be.

1. They Love Singing

Singing is a form of art, and it takes a diva a lot of dedication, sacrifice and intense practice. Some of the greatest divas we know today had to identify their vocal range; then, they had to years of training to learn how to sing. Take, for instance, Gwen Stefani, who had to start her diva career as a backup singer and eventually made it as one of the best-selling artists in the United Kingdom. To know your vocal strengths and weaknesses, you can consult a website that offers help from professionals who can pinpoint your vocal weaknesses and teach you how to leverage your vocal power. All divas in our century love the art of singing, and they made an effort to be where they are today.

2. Their Eating Pattern

To be a diva, Schumann, for instance, embraces a diva food plan. There are meals that one has to eat and do away with others. Schumann can't have milk in her coffee, and besides, there are numerous other meals that she can't have. The bottom line, the meals that they take are meant to impress their friends rather than infuriate them.

3. Having Numerous Lovers

Divas need to make headlines, and one way to do it is by having an outspoken partner. Take, for instance, Stephen Costello and Ailyn Perez; such relationships make their lives dramatic. Besides, paparazzi's are fond of taking divas photos along with their lovers, and this creates excellent marketing shots.

4. Having Faith in Themselves

For divas to be where they are, they first had to believe in themselves, and they never considered other people's opinions. Florence Jerkins, an amateur soprano singer and an American socialite, was on several occasions mocked due to her atrocious ability, her lack of tone, pitch and rhythm. Still, she never let people's opinions forge her career path. Despite all the mockery, she made several tours, made numerous recordings and even filmed a movie based on her life.

5. A Perfect Wardrobe

All our current divas have a gown that they use on any occasion. Some dresses are perfect for use on stage, while others are used when they are off stage. For instance, Beyoncé, a very successful opera singer in our time, had her Grammy dress designed by 50 people, and this took a whole week. To be a diva, one can't be spotted with the same dress over and over. You have to be a go-getter and be different from the rest.

6. Throwing Tantrums in Public

Well, some of our divas came in the spotlight by doing some absurd things in public. A certain diva was once spotted throwing water over buskers since she found their play to be annoying, and she was practicing at the moment. The current divas always have to create feuds between each other to gain popularity. When you look at the cause of the rivalries, you realize that they are only after publicity. When you have that voice of an angel, there is nothing you can’t do!

7. Making Outspoken Requests

Take a look at Kathleen Battle, who was fired by the Metropolitan Opera for acting unprofessionally or Jessye Norman, a famous soprano vocalist who made public a public demand that she needed a sturdy chair. After making such outrageous requests, divas end up making the headline and, in turn, gain more popularity. Luigi Marchesi is a famous diva who always went on stage riding a horse; he had a plummet helmet and sang his heart out in every performance. Such requests made him famous over time.

8. Having a Rival

The greatest singers of our century all have rivalries with other singers. Take, for instance, Cardi b and Nicki Minaj, who, on several occasions, battle over who is the greatest of them all. In Italy, Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni once fought in the middle of a performance. In Greece, Maria Callas once stated that her voice was champagne compared to Renata Tebaldi's voice that she compared to coca-cola. The current divas have made it by making rivalries with other singers.

Generally, the most fabulous divas in our century all made an effort to be where they are. Some of the steps they took might seem irrational, but the end justifies the means.

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