How Do Betting Sites Without A Swedish License Work?

Do you enjoy betting online? Then, you must be disappointed by the strict rules and regulations imposed by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate since 2019, which take the entertainment out of online gambling.

Therefore, a soaring number of Swedes have started gambling at unlicensed betting websites. The benefits of these gaming companies encompass more bonuses, various payment methods, a huge array of games, and other perks.

Make sure you learn how a spelbolag utan licens or a game company without license works for players.

What is a gaming company without a Swedish license?

The term betting site without a Swedish license is self-explanatory, as it refers to online casinos that aren't licensed by the Swedish gaming authority, called Spelinspektionen. Nevertheless, these businesses are licensed by other authorities, like Curacao or the Malta gaming authority. Nowadays, many players from Sweden prefer betting at such sites because of the strict rules imposed by the Swedish authority.

Consequently, players can benefit from larger bonuses, a wider selection of games, and loyalty programs. There should be no worries about security, as these gaming companies offer trusted and secure methods of payment, including e-wallets, Trustly, and card payments. While it's completely legal for Swedish players to bet at these sites, there are certain things for them to consider prior to setting up an account.

How does it work?

The inceptive step to betting at a site without a Swedish license is to get registered for an account. You will be required to enter an email address and password, then select a preferred payment method. This process enables online casinos to gain access to the required information about you without entering any information manually.

The following step is making a deposit with a bank card or Trustly. Find out how Trustly is taking North American payments to new heights. BankID is used to verify the deposit. In case the gaming site requires players to complete a registration form, it'll take no longer than a few minutes to get over with the registration process. The usual information required by unlicensed casinos for registration includes the first name, last name, mobile number, address, email address, and password.

Some betting sites require individuals to verify their mobile numbers or emails via SMS or email. Anyhow, not all websites impose such requirements. When it comes to verification, it's not surprising for online casinos to ask for documentation to confirm the provided information, such as the age of players.

Betting without a Swedish license means making bets at gaming companies with no right to operate in Sweden. Since 2019, every online casino that wishes to operate on the Swedish market can longer do so by lacking a license. Casinos operating outside this country are licensed by other respected authorities from the UK, Malta, or Curacao. These permits are highly secure by imposing high standards for providing player protection.

Why play at such sites?

The reasons for playing at unlicensed online casinos are numerous. Since the introduction of the rules by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate, deposit limits and bonus systems have sustained rigorous changes. Consequently, online gambling no longer provides players with the same level of entertainment. Nevertheless, these rules aren't supposed to be respected by casinos with another license, which are more generous in terms of bonuses, competitions, promotions, and tournaments.

Each player is supposed to play responsibly regardless of the rules and take a break when feeling that gaming is too time-consuming. The biggest advantage is getting larger bonuses and many promotions. For example, players almost always receive a welcome bonus and have no limitations to such rewards. The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate puts a limit of SEK 100 on bonuses for players not to be too encouraged to play. Follow this URL,, to see the advantages of online casino bonuses.

Bonus limitations aren't the case with unlicensed casinos, as players can get deposit bonuses, free games, and other rewards. These rewards can reach hundreds to thousands of euros. Also, there are loyalty programs and VIP programs to make the betting experience of individuals even more fun. They earn points for every bet, which can be later traded for free spins. The range of games is wider as well. The same goes for payment methods and currencies.

Potential disadvantages

As previously mentioned, every player interested in betting at a site with no Swedish license should be aware of certain things, such as the potential disadvantages. For instance, there is no gaming break feature related to these gaming companies. Such a feature was invented for the purpose of preventing gambling addiction.

Another disadvantage is the inability of Swedish players to play with the currency SEK. Most Swedes prefer making deposits and withdrawals in their currency, as their salaries are paid in SEK. These betting sites are also unavailable in Swedish. When playing at websites outside the European Union, players are obliged to pay tax profits.

Why don't all gaming companies have a Swedish license?

Not all gaming companies are licensed in Sweden because of the strict rules they need to respect to get approval. Online casinos firstly undergo a check by the Gaming Inspectorate to see if they follow the necessary regulations. Then, this authority provides a report to the Ministry of Finance. The requirements for obtaining such a permit are numerous.

The gaming company is obliged to have an address in Sweden and Swedish-speaking customer service. Also, these businesses are required to pay an income tax of 18%. The design and content of the site must align with the requirements in Sweden. The same goes for bonus rules. They must introduce tools for responsible gaming and pay a significant cost to apply for a permit.

Not many online casinos are provided with the opportunity to meet these requirements, particularly not new casinos. Hence, they place the focus on another gaming market where permit requirements aren't as strict.

Final thoughts

Playing at unlicensed gambling sites has more benefits than drawbacks.

Take advantage of them and choose a reliable one!

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