How 5G is Improving Mobile Betting

As hard to believe as it may be, not too long ago, life did exist without smart phones and smart technology. The smart phone has revolutionised modern life as we know it today, and that is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, smart tech is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and with 5G now rolling out across the nation, online connectivity on the go is now more streamlined and efficient than ever. We can now access the internet virtually anywhere, at any time via our smart phones, and with 5G speeding the process up exponentially, you might want to consider upgrading your smart phone. 5G looks set to improve a wide variety of different business and industries, including mobile betting. Here's a look at how 5G is improving mobile betting.

What is 5G?

With the first generation of mobile phone connectivity, we enjoyed sound. Up next was text, and third, in the form of 3G, we enjoyed mobile web on the go and could browse the web on our phones for the first time. After that came 4G, which boosted speeds for all of the above, and much more besides, by roughly 10 times, and allowed us to stream mobile video. 4G is still incredibly efficient, but times are changing, and now we have 5G. 5G looks set to once again boost speeds enormously, by another 10 times, meaning that we can now enjoy incredibly fast online connectivity via our smart phones and tablets. Furthermore, 5G also reduces lag to near zero, which basically means that you will be able to enjoy superfast online connectivity virtually all of the time. This means that everything from live streaming, to mobile gaming, will all be improved drastically.

Increase in smart phones

Currently, 78% of the population now owns a smart phone, with 95% of all 16 – 24-year olds also owning one. That sounds like a lot, but it still means that 22% of the population doesn't own a smart phone. 5G looks set to revolutionize the mobile world, and is improving mobile phone connectivity and efficiently like never before. This looks set to encourage more people to invest in a smart phone and the more people that own one, the more potential mobile betting customers will now exist.

Faster gaming speeds

One of the main reasons why smart phone users quit playing a game, or using a website, is because of slow connectivity speeds. If you are trying to play a game that keeps freezing, of course you're going to get fed up and look elsewhere for a game that does not keep freezing and that runs as fast as it should. 5G offers data transfer speeds of between 1GB/second – 50GB/second. This is way more than 4G can handle. If you can enjoy a game of poker online, or a game of roulette or blackjack, without it freezing, you're likely to stick with that particular site. Betting sites like have designed games around these improvements in mobile data speeds, with higher resolution graphics, more advanced features and large selections of games.

Live streaming speeds

Many online casinos also feature live dealers and live games which stream in real time. You basically play a live game of your choosing, without leaving the home. 5G offers super fast live streaming speeds with incredibly clear images, so you needn't worry about pixelation or feeds freezing, buffering, and being interrupted. Live casino games will therefore likely become more popular as 5G rolls out in more locations across the nations.

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