Horse Gear to Make Your Life Easier

There are plenty of sports a person could engage in, and they are all pretty remarkable. But nothing is quite as magnificent and exciting as riding a horse. You might think it is easy, but it actually requires a good deal of athleticism to be able to properly ride a horse. The plus side with this sport is the fact that you get to ride with some of the most stunning creatures on earth. Horses are as loyal and loving as they are fierce and athletic, and getting to know one could change your life.

If you want to get into that world, you are going to need to get some gear to make your life a bit easier.

The bridle

There is a reason why you don't see any horses moving around without a bridle, and it is one of the essential horse gear that you need to get your hands on. What you need to know is they come in different shapes and models, and even materials. Most bridles you will come across will be made out of leather, but some are made out of synthetic materials. You will find around six different sizes, depending on how big your horse is. You use a bridle to direct and control your horse to whichever direction you want to go in. You need to be very careful with the bridle you're getting because getting an improperly fitted one could cause the horse a lot of pain.


A saddle is important for both the rider and the horse. For you, it will protect your back end from fatigue and pain, and for the horse, it will protect its back from any pain caused by the person riding it. As you can see on, the saddle looks a bit like a dog harness, though it has different uses. The harness is used to control and protect your dog, and it even carries some pouches on the side so you could put some of your dog supplies in there. This is pretty similar to the saddle where you could attach bags or pouches to put whatever you want –– you've probably seen it in a lot of movies where they put guns and gold on the saddle. In any case, it is an essential gear for your horse that you should not try to ride without.


The last thing you want is to hurt the horse while trying to get on it because there are no stirrups. So, you need to get them so you could easily get on and off the horse by putting your foot there. This makes the process of riding and getting off a lot less painful for the horse and it would make your life significantly easier too.


The bits are the metal ring that is put around the horse's mouth and attached to the bridle so you could control their movement. It is crucial that you get mild bits that wouldn't strain or hurt the horse's mouth because it was not designed to exactly hold those. They need to be smooth, and this is why there are even rubber and leather models which are much milder for horses that might have some existing conditions. You will also need to get the right size that works for your horse –– one that is not too big or too small so it wouldn't hurt the horse.

Leg accessories

You don't want your horse to get too tired from all that effort, so you might as well get them some leg accessories to make their lives –– and in turn yours –– a bit easier. Some people get horse boots; yes, those exist. They are capable of protecting your horse's leg from injuries they might sustain while riding. There are also leg wraps, which support their ligaments to keep the lower leg from getting any strain or injuries.

Personal hygiene

This one isn't exactly directed at you, but rather your horse. You need to get them a grooming kit to regularly groom them, which will save you a lot of trouble down the line. That means body brushes and mane combs. You should also get some fly repellant and any other items you might need to keep your horse clean and healthy.

Most of the gear mentioned in the article are geared at horses, and for good reason. They are majestic creatures, but they require a lot of care and attention. Once you give them that, they will make your life a lot easier and suffer much less trouble, and they are also excellent companions.

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