Home Keg System – Ideal for the football season

Now that football season is here; there's only one thing on everyone's minds – flocking to the local pub to watch the footie with a pint! But these days, going out to a bar just doesn't feel safe sometimes. So, why not enjoy the football season at home? After all, draught beer is an inexpensive and convenient option for enjoying the freshest, most high-quality beer from the comfort of your own living room.

Are you interested in knowing more? Read on to find out how to set up your own home keg system.

Why choose draught beer?

There's absolutely nothing better than cracking open a cold one while watching the big game on your big screen, right? Or is there..? Canned and bottled beer is a delicious and convenient way to drink beer. But, what if there were a better way?

As the football season approaches, why not set up a home draught beer keg system? A home keg system is the best way for you to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home with the freshest, most delicious draught beer on tap!

Home keg systems for draught beer are inexpensive and straightforward to set up, too. Plus, home beer kegs allow you to get creative with pulling pints. Friends and family will love having real, bar-like pints!

How can I serve draught beer at home?

If you want to serve draught beer at home, there are a few different ways to get that beer out of the keg and into your glass. A standard dispensing system will pump carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into your keg. This gas forces the beer out of your keg and into a beer line, where you can use a faucet to pump your beer into a nice clean glass for that perfect frothy head.

Some dispensing systems use a blend of CO2 and nitrogen gas.

You could use a kegerator, also known as a keg-refrigerator. This style of refrigerator is a self-contained draught beer dispenser. Many home kegerators come with portable casters so that you can wheel them around your house. You could even go for an outdoor kegerator.

Then there are keezers. A keezer is a converted top opening chest freezer. Keezers are identical to kegerators in every aspect, except for their much larger size. So much larger than a kegerator, keezers can store multiple kegs, giving you the option of starting up a proper little home bar during football season.

Our last option is the most basic one – a keg pump or keg tap. This setup merely uses oxygen or air to pump the beer out. Due to this, draught beer stored in a keg pump doesn't preserve well and quickly goes flat. You also need to surround your keg with plenty of ice, or the beer will warm up and start to pour foamily. Nobody likes a warm beer!

You can also get keg pumps that use a pressurized tank and regulator or a cartridge. These pumps don't require any of that tedious hand pumping. These keg taps also preserve your draught beer for longer by keeping it better chilled.

What do I need?

So, as we touched upon earlier, depending on your chosen home keg system setup, you'll just need CO2 canister – as well as some kind of pump.

If you're just starting out using a home keg system, better to choose ready complete set. This optionusually has got everything you need to set up your first keg system at home: a 1-line beer dry cooler keeps your draught beer fresh and ready to serve, a CO2 cylinder canister that keeps the beer carbonated, a cooler with a tap to let you pull the perfect pint, and everything else you need to start pulling pints at home!

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